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ecovadis logoDFGE is the official partner of EcoVadis for the German-speaking (DACH) region. DFGE provides various products and services, including free webinars and onsite training sessions, depending on where you stand on EcoVadis process as well as the EcoVadis Response Check. Are you a beginner willing to understand the basics? Have you already answered several times and would like to improve your performance? Or would you like to strengthen your sustainability expertise by fully mastering EcoVadis principles? Please find below a short description of our trainings and webinars, find out the dates and contact us if you are interested

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Our EcoVadis webinars and trainings

Free webinar | beginners: Introduction to answering the EcoVadis questionnaire

This webinar is meant for the companies responding to the EcoVadis questionnaire for the first time. We will cover an

  • introduction to EcoVadis,
  • explain EcoVadis’ main scoring principles and
  • where to find resources provided by EcoVadis

You will understand where to focus – especially when being time and resource constrained. You will be able to obtain better results by improving the quality of your answers, e.g. recommendations on the documents to be chosen.

  • Who:  All questionnaire respondents, beginners
  • When: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 10:00 AM to 10:30 CET (Note: No webinars in August!)
  • How much: FREE
  • What: Understanding the basics and improve the quality of your answers

Free webinar | repeaters, advanced users: Optimize your EcoVadis answer

This webinar aims at supporting any company wishing to improve your sustainability performance on EcoVadis. DFGE will

  • explain EcoVadis principles and themes,
  • clarify how to use and make the most of your scorecard and
  • help you identify your gaps

In this free webinar we will develop how our sustainability intelligence approach can help you improve your performance, also by reusing documentations and making the link to other standards.

  • Who:  All questionnaire respondents, EcoVadis participants
  • When: every first Thursday of the month from 10:00 AM to 11:00 CET
  • How much: FREE
  • What: improve your sustainability management by consolidating your reporting practices

Trainings with costs | Professionals and teams: Master the EcoVadis principles

This training session aims at empowering your team with concrete methods and tips on how to answer EcoVadis questionnaire, reading the scorecard and making an improvement plan. Besides theoretical basics the focus is on practicing in order to be empowered with the basic principles of EcoVadis and make the most out of it. You will be able to

  • prioritize your answers and detect improvement areas,
  • show your sustainability progress,
  • know which documents to choose and their right format,
  • implement solutions to tackle improvement areas

Main target is not only to improve the overall sustainability management system of your company but also to understand how to link EcoVadis and the other standards you already have implemented, e.g. ISO, CDP, GRI, your CSR report and much more.

By clicking on the green button „contact form“, you will contact us to share your interest: It is not legally binding. We will then send you a dedicated quote.

  • Who:  EcoVadis participants
  • Location & date: Quarterly. Next dates: 23rd February Stuttgart, 16th March Cologne, 23rd March Hamburg
  • How much: 750 € plus VAT per attendee (max. 10 participants)
  • What: Build a team of sustainability experts
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