Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan – A concrete Framework for Action


The preparation of a Climate Action Plan to reduce the carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important for companies and is becoming part of measurable corporate goals as part of the climate strategy. The aim is to continuously reduce CO2 emissions throughout the company and its value chain.

Based on the results of the carbon footprint, DFGE conducts a workshop in which the possible fields of action are discussed with the most important stakeholders in the company. Following the workshop, measures to reduce the carbon footprint are identified and characterized. In addition, a KPI dashboard for carbon footprint reduction is created to ensure the necessary control and overview of the data.

DFGE – as the only partner of the CDP for Science Based Targets (SBT) – provides you with holistic support in the development of a Climate Action Plan: Based on the results of the carbon footprint, which was determined using the proven DFGE Top-Down Approach, about the target of CO2 saving potentials and measures to avoid CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we support you in further steps in CO2 reporting and CO2 compensation for a climate-neutral company or product.

Step 3 of the Climate Strategy

In the third step of the climate strategy, effective and sustainable methods for CO2 avoidance are developed and decided upon, which enable the customer to achieve higher energy and resource efficiency. This is done within a Climate Action Plan tailored to the individual needs of our customers and based on the results of the calculation of the carbon footprint.

Our Services

     Enterprise: A clear plan for CO2 reduction

Based on the customer’s underlying corporate carbon footprint, DFGE develops a so-called Climate Action Plan in accordance with its Top-Down Approach and in consultation with all relevant stakeholders. The CO2 emissions caused by individual business processes or the entire company are reduced by measures to save energy, increase energy efficiency, select energy sources or conserve resources.

  • Kick-off und Situation-Analysis
  • Presentation of carbon footprint hotspots based on the DFGE top-down approach
  • Identification of possible fields of action
  • Selection of areas for further project deep dive
  • Conducting interviews with the main stakeholders
  • Collection of missing data for a proper analysis
  • Identification of the top measures
  • Development of a CO2 management plan and the necessary process for implementation and periodic performance evaluation
  • Development of KPI dashboards
  • Calculation of potential CO2 savings
  • Formal internal review of all data and information
  • Final meeting and presentation of the results and documentation report

     Services: Individual & Modular

In order to be able to implement the Climate Action Plan in a goal-oriented and holistic manner, a fundamental understanding of the underlying CO2 compensation strategy is required – for this reason it is essential to inform and educate all stakeholders about functioning processes and options.

  • We help you to build up your own know-how
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Customized Consulting Services

Your Advantages

Expert Knowledge:

Take advantage of our experience. With more than 20 years of experience in climate protection, the required accounting methods (e.g. GHG-Prorokoll) and reporting standards such as CDP, GRI, UNGC, Ecovadis and many more.


We support our customers holistically – our Sustainability Intelligence solutions create transparency and synergy effects, no matter at what stage of their climate strategy and sustainability management they are in.


Improve your climate strategy. We help you to structure the necessary climate protection measures, evaluate them and create the basis to implement and track them.

Time Saving:

Save time and effort through our Top-Down Approach and DFGE Methoik and benefit from our expertise.