Climate Neutrality

Climate Neutrality – The result of your climate strategy

Klimaneutralität_KleinAchieving climate neutrality is becoming increasingly important for companies and is becoming part of their corporate objectives as part of their climate strategy. The aim is to continuously reduce CO2 emissions throughout the company and its value chain.

Since a complete avoidance of CO2 emissions is difficult to achieve, companies invest in climate protection projects and compensate for their residual emissions by purchasing certificates. To avoid green washing, these efforts are always based on a science-based calculation of the carbon footprint.

In September 2020, the Science Based Targets (SBT) Initiative published the first scenarios with which companies can even develop into a “net zero” and in the best case scenario into a “climate positive”. CO2 compensation is a proven aspect of these approaches. However, further efforts are required from the companies to achieve this.

DFGE – as the only partner of the CDP for Science Based Targets (SBT) – provides you with holistic support in the field of climate strategy. Starting with the recording of the carbon footprint using the proven DFGE Top-Down Approach, through the setting of targets and determination of CO2 saving potentials, the avoidance of CO2 emissions, to CO2 reporting and CO2 compensation for a climate-neutral company or product.

We support you in planning, evaluating and successfully implementing suitable measures for climate neutrality – in accordance with the DFGE’s claim to meet scientific standards.

Step 4 and 5 of the Climate Strategy

The fourth step is to compensate for unavoidable residual emissions, e.g. by investing in forest protection and reforestation. Achieving so-called climate neutrality for products or the entire company is the goal of the climate strategy. The disclosure of the achieved targets reflects the final step. Thus the measures taken can be published through appropriate sustainability reports and the companies receive the DFGE climate neutral seal.

Further information

Webinare und Trainings
Suitable webinars on the topic of climate neutrality can be found here.

Our Services

     Professional: Certificate purchase and registration

A sensible use of resources is just as important for DFGE’s customers as the combination of ecological and economical considerations of climate neutralization. We support companies in achieving neutrality by purchasing climate protection certificates and registering them in a public register. In this way, our clients can sustainably offset unavoidable emissions.

  • Purchase of certified climate protection certificates on behalf of the customer
  • Registration of the CO2 offset in a public register
  • DFGE Seal of validated compensation

     Enterprise: Well equipped for a climate-neutral future

With a greater sense of urgency in this process of change, DFGE supports companies to work climate neutrally in parts or as a whole. CO2 emissions caused by individual business processes or the entire company are first reduced by measures to save energy and increase energy efficiency. Then the remaining emissions are neutralized through CO2 compensation certificates. The Complete Package includes the points listed opposite:

  • Kick-off and situation analysis
  • Review of existing data
  • Calculation of the product and/or corporate carbon footprint to determine the amount of greenhouse gas emissions to be offset, if applicable
  • Development of a compensation strategy tailored to the product/company
  • Screening of the market with regard to compensation possibilities and a pre-selection of suitable offset project alternatives including their presentation
  • Ensuring proper compensation in accordance with recognized standards (e.g. Gold Standard; PAS 2060)
  • Purchase of certified climate protection certificates on behalf of the customer
  • Registration of the CO2 offset in a public register
  • DFGE seal of approval for validated calculation and validated compensation

     Services: Individual & Modular

The CO2 compensation certificates should by no means give the impression of a “trade in indulgences” – for this reason, it is important to win over even more companies for climate protection and to educate all stakeholders about functioning processes and options.

  • We help you to build up your own know-how
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Customized Consulting Services

The DFGE seal for validated climate neutrality

In times of growing networking and greater scrutiny of entrepreneurial activities by society, factors such as transparency and a sense of responsibility are becoming increasingly important. Climate-neutral products play an increasingly important role in today’s society and require a new form of communication.

For more than 20 years, DFGE has stood for science-based Sustainability Intelligence. The DFGE seal of approval for validated climate neutrality meets this high standard and marks the conclusion of our CO2 compensation projects. Each seal receives a registration number and a link to a website on which the respective climate protection project and the CO2 emissions offset by CO2 certificates are transparently displayed. This allows your stakeholders to find out in detail about the climate neutrality you have communicated.


DFGE Climate Neutrality Platform

As the only CDP partner of Science-based Targets in the DACH region, we offer you a holistic solution approach in the field of climate strategy. To avoid greenwashing, the projects conducted with DFGE can be transparently tracked on our platform.

Climate Neutrality Platform
DFGE CLimate Neutrality Portal

Your Advantages:

From a management perspective:

  • Graphical analysis of results according to GHG protocol scopes and categories
  • Management Summary
  • Less internal resources needed for Carbon Accounting

In search of high quality:

  • Climate neutral according to recognized standard (PAS 2060)
  • Projects certified according to international standards
  • Consideration of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • Successive improvement of Carbon Footprint accuracy and data quality, following the DFGE TopDown Approach

Optimal integration into your Sustainability Management:

  • Projects aligned with the strategy and sustainability goals of the product/company
  • Communication with DFGE seal for validated climate neutrality
  • Detailed report for your sustainability communications
Statement EU

“Climate neutrality is not just about environmental protection, but about modernising the economy of the European Union as a whole,” Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner for Climate Policy and Energy, argued in an interview with the German Newspaper Handelsblatt. “It is about more investment in competitive technologies and improving the quality of life of our citizens”.

Article of the EU Parliament

Find out more in an article in the European Parliament.

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