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Comparative Emission Study

With increasing use of digital services worldwide, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector became one of the fast-growing businesses globally. Where on the one hand this can improve living situations, work life and standards it could also lead to an increase in global greenhouse gas emissions reliably creating an impact on climate change. In fact, the provision of digital services demands energy for operating large data centres. Despite increased energy efficiencies and renewable energy integration in data centres, the question on how the digitalisation contributes to a more sustainable world has arisen.

In order to understand the impact of its business on climate change, TeamViewer, a company providing cloud-based software solutions to access and remotely control networked devices and to enable online support and collaboration across the globe, appointed DFGE to conduct a study on the climate impact of its business and to examine the possible enabling effect of its products contribution towards helping customers to avoid emissions.

By downloading this study summary, you get to know why it is important to calculate a valid greenhouse gas emission inventory for a complete solutions portfolio. Furthermore, the goal was to determine the positive or negative effect of its services on emissions in comparison to a Business-as-usual scenario where ICT solutions are not available.


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