Logistics Carbon Footprint

Logistics carbon footprint: when going-green is not just a buzz word

carbon footprint logistikTo be compliant with the French Grenelle decrets (2011-1336) or the German DIN EN 16258, logistics and transportation companies are required to disclose their transport CO2 emissions. Especially international companies request the direct compliant emissions from their supply chain partners.

Besides the disclosure of GHG emissions, the rising energy costs drive companies towards a more integrated and sustainable resource management in order to slow down their declining profit margins.

Carbon calculations with default input parameters are neither valid nor a comparable solution. You need to focus on your fleet and individual transport modes.

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Calculate transport emissions with FridaLog – easy data collection and analysis

FridaLog calculates the transport emissions of your own fleet seamlessly and fast – per shipment via truck, train, ship, plane; for your entire fleet and in modal split. The calculation is based on international standards as the DIN EN 16258 or the GHG protocol. FridaLog does not work with average values but with YOUR individual data.

All FridaLog values and emission factors are updated on a regular basis. Also new methodologies and standards are integrated to secure your investment.

As a result, FridaLog provides you with a validated PDF report with your logotype and the DFGE seal for accuracy of calculations, that will withstand independent third party verification.

To reduce the emissions, sustainable data is not only analyzed and archived in FridaLog. Different import and export options as with XML as well as integration interfaces to your transport management systems can be customized.


Your advantage at a glance or why you should use FridaLog to calculate your transport emissions:

  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Simple online forms
  • Up-to-date basic values of the logistic industry
  • Integration of you specific data, e.g. consumption data, truck types
  • Integration of your customer data
  • Support modal share, distribution, round-trips, and more
  • Compliant calculation according to DIN EN 16258 &
    French Decree 2011-1336
  • DFGE certificate as report for your customer
  • Regular data updates
  • Quality seal of the DFGE with your company name
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