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Improved CDP-Performance of a leading European construction and engineering company


PORR AG is one of the biggest construction companies in Austria and belongs to the European leaders in this branch. The PORR group acts as Full-Service-Provider for civil engineering, tunnel- and railway construction and environmental technology. The headquarter of the company is located in Vienna, Austria. PORR employs about 20.000 employees and concentrates on the price stable homemarkets Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic. In selected projects and international markets within the CEE/SEE-region, Norway, Great Britain and Qatar, PORR operates with their export products tunnel- and railway-construction and civil engineering.

„The collaboration with DFGE was characterized from start to end by a high standard of professionality and competence. Because of their experience it was easy to bundle all relevant information and to identify substantial improvement potentials of our climate- and energy management.“
picture showing Georg Rekowski
Georg Rekowski, Expert PrequalificationPORR AG

Further Information


Stronger CSR requirements


CSR and sustainability are a matter of importance for PORR. The company already publishes their sustainable value report since 2009 including the core sustainability aspects and measurements of the group (the most recent one from the reporting period 16/17 can be accessed HERE). Important topics of those reports are employee health and safety, diversity, value-oriented company management and the intensive discussion with research and development in terms of climate protection.

Here, also the second CDP Climate Change assessment is accounted. The non-profit organization CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosuer Project) requests emission- and energy data, the connected company strategies and the chances and risks due to climate change since 2000. Therefore, CDP has the most extensive database of emission- and energy data. Since 2010, CDP also collects data about water and since 2013 also addresses forests and deforestation.

The challenge of a yearly CDP assessment consists of mastering the new changes and adaptions of the questionnaire that occur on a yearly basis. Especially aspects like the influence of climate change induced risks and chances on the financial performance, the integration if scenario analysis into the climate- or business strategy and on top the supply chain and value chain engagement.

First of all, all necessary data has to be gathered and validated within the company. Then, the answers can be formulated. Especially the organizational structure (different fields of operations, international interdependences) of the company is the biggest hurdle.

Another challenge was the tight timeline for the project between PORR and the DFGE. The short-term need of help and the set deadline for the questionnaire resulted in a very narrow timeframe. Within this small corridor, the whole project cycle from data collection and validation up to the final entry into the ORS (Online Response System) of CDP including a final internal review had to take place.

Another participation at CDP targeting constant improvement


PORR’s first CDP participation in 2017 resulted in a D-score. Though, this level did not satisfy the entitlements PORR holds on themselves. Therefore, the goal for 2018 was to reach a better result to mirror their strive for a more sustainable business a bit better.

To reach this target and master the connected challenges, PORR decided to rely on an experienced instance and to ask DFGE as official CDP Silver Climate Change Consultancy Partner for support. Their references and experience convinced the Austrian company about DFGE’s skills.

First of all, DFGE analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of last year’s questionnaire concerning the publication of climate- and energy data of the company. The results were discussed and analyzed in a joint workshop. Also, relevant data points and contents were identified. As a consequence of the cooperative data collection, DFGE formulated the answer recommendations and entered those into CDP’s ORS. An internal review executed by DFGE insured quality, validity and the requested formalization of the given information. Final perusal and approval was then done by the client. A final report including the most relevant points per question or per question category can now be used as basis document for PORR’s improvement within the next years.

Successful collaboration results in improved CDP scoring in all categories


The transparent publication of climate- and energy relevant emission data allowed PORR to give a scalable estimation on central aspects of the groupwide climate- and energy management. The identified improvement areas offer the opportunity to improve the CDP scoring on one hand. On the other hand, those results support a constant improvement of the management of greenhouse gasses, connected chances and risks, emission reductions and structural aspects. Also, the CDP participation is used for the CSR communication of the company. Ultimately, those outcomes can centrally be used to communicate them to stakeholder groups and to raise internal awareness.

„As one oft he leading construction and engineering companies in Europe, we hold huge responsibility for the impacts of our business activities. Therefore, we try to constantly lower our Carbon Footprint whenever possible. The experts of DFGE helped us to streamline those activities spread through all of PORR’s business units and departments. In the end we were able to identify fields of improvement we were not aware of so far and can focus on constantly improving our scoring over the next years.“
picture of a man writing on paper
Markus Auinger, Teamleader SustainabilityPORR AG