Sustainability at DFGE

We practice sustainability!

At DFGE, we deal exclusively with sustainability – from carbon footprint to climate strategy. We do this with passion! So it goes without saying that we are committed to implementing all aspects of sustainability in our private lives as well as in the company.

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner,

Founder & CEO of DFGE

We see our own sustainability as a continuous improvement process. I am always amazed at how intrinsically motivated and innovative our team is. We are proud to implement ideas for this together.

UN Global Compact

Communication On Progress

As a non-manufacturing, small company, we at DFGE naturally face much smaller challenges than many of our customers when it comes to corporate sustainability. Of course, we also calculate our own corporate carbon footprint and take into account the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) defined by the UN. Every year, we publish our own COP (Communication on Progress) report as part of the UNGC – United Nations Global Compact.

Die SDGs der DFGE

DFGE - A climate neutral company

The result of a sustainably implemented climate strategy

As for our customers, we have also developed a climate strategy for DFGE. This is part of our corporate goals. Since it is difficult for us to completely avoid CO2 emissions throughout the entire value chain, we have invested in climate protection projects in order to achieve climate neutrality and have offset the remaining emissions by purchasing certificates.

compensated tons CO2e

Retirement & Project (1/2)

  • Quantity of retirement VCU: 147 Units
  • Serial-Number: 7990-445897792-445897938-VCU-016-APX-ZW-14-902-01012017-31122017-1
  • Decommissioning Date: 2/15/2022 4:55:29 AM
  • Owner: DFGE
  • Project Typ: Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Use
  • Project Country: Simbabwe
Further project information
Retirement Certificate No. 1

Retirement & Project (2/2)

  • Quantity of retirement VCU: 3 Units
  • Serial-Number: 9315-80589402-80589404-VCS-VCU-352-VER-ZW-14-902-01012017-31122017-1
  • Decommissioning Date: 2/15/2022 4:55:30 AM
  • Owner: DFGE
  • Project Typ: Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Use
  • Project Country: Simbabwe
Further project information
Retirement Certificate No. 2

Gender Equality & Diversity

DFGE stands for diversity and equality

  • Every person is unique and thus ensures diversity in our society. And so DFGE also actively addresses the equal participation of all employees. We recognize and value all people, regardless of their gender, age, religion or origin.
  • With a female quota of more than 50 percent, DFGE is well above the legal requirements and at the same time proud of the women in the team, as well as in the leadership and management level.

Health Promotion

Member of Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club LogoIt is important to DFGE that its employees strengthen their mental and physical health. The best way to do this is to really switch off after a hard day’s work by swimming, to forget everything around them while bouldering or doing fitness training, or to relax at a spa on the weekend. To support employees in this, DFGE sponsors membership in the Urban Sports Club.

Urban Sports Club

Sustainability at DFGE

Employee engagement & social activities

Garbage Collection Action

Sustainability also depends a lot on the commitment of individuals. In our Innovation Days, our teams repeatedly develop creative ideas on how we as a DFGE company can steadily become more sustainable. For example, on the initiative of our employees, we switched from bottled mineral water to water that we sparkled ourselves. One highlight was our “Ramadama” initiative. In Bavarian, “Räumen tun wir!” is the name given to a private trash collection campaign in nature and residential areas. The result was a bulging large trash bag per employee and a letter of thanks from the mayor.

Bee House

One of the teams’ ideas was also a homemade bee house, which we attached to the Greifenberg office. Furthermore, we are especially proud to have been able to convince the local Rewe market to let us bring our own bowls for the salad bar and not use the disposable plastic ones. And because the DFGE teams love to cook, there are already two editions of the DFGE Cook Book.

Together. Sustainable.

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