Climate Neutral France

France intensifies requirements for “climate neutral” as product designation

In the wake of the increasing impact of climate change, many firms have started to sell their products as “climate neutral”. For companies, this means at first reducing their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and then, fully offsetting the remaining emissions.But different countries have different requirements in this regard. In France, the Law to Combat Climate Change and Strengthen Resilience to its Impacts was passed demands much stricter regulation regarding the advertising of products with the label “climate neutral”. Discover how to market your products in compliance with French regulation.


Carbon compensation – Reaching climate neutrality

Carbon compensation schemes empower businesses to accelerate the transition towards a low carbon future. Offsetting carbon emissions can furthermore send a strong message to stakeholders such as customers, employees and communities that your business is committed to paving the way for a sustainable future. But not every carbon compensation program generates the same positive impact.…