SBTi Obstacles

Setting Science-based Targets – General and industry specific obstacles

for relevant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are calculated on a scientific basis. Companies which aim to participate in the initiative are expected to set an ambitious target for reducing their  GHG emissions which is in line with the 2°C target of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. But setting SBTs is not always an easy task, and many corporations fail at this hurdle.

Scope 3 Emissionen

SBTi & Scope 3 Emissions

In addition to yesterdays blogpost on “How to correctly calculate a company´s indirect Scope 3 emissions” the following video by SBTi covers scope 3 emissions abatement targets in the context of the SBTi Net-Zero Standard Criteria, including the background of scope 3 emissions abetment targets and the questions provided in the SBTi Net-Zero Standard Criteria…