DJSI: Extensive sustainability analysis of the world’s largest companies

image djsiFounded in 1999, the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) is arguably the most well-known index on corporate sustainability valuation. The DJSI, or Dow Jones Sustainability Index, is a stock exchanges index, which includes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into the ranking. Among the world’s 2,500 largest corporations listed on the S & P Global Broad Market Index, those companies are identified that provide the best sustainability performance in terms of economic, environmental and social considerations in their respective industries. DJSI World captures the top ten percent of all participating companies (across all sectors). There are also other indices related to geographical constraints, such as DJSI North America / DJSI Europe / DJSI Asia Pacific / Australia / Chile or Korea, DJSI emerging markets.

The data required for the measurement is primarily generated by a questionnaire, which companies have to fill out. In addition, publicly available documents (e.g. annual report, sustainability report) as well as direct contacts with relevant companies count as sources of information. The questionnaire is sent out and analyzed, by the Swiss investment company RobecoSAM, which is specialized in sustainability investment. RobecoSAM is doing the analysis of central data as well.

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 Our Services

     DJSI – Enterprise

It is not our intention to block your internal resources and invade you with consultants, nor do we want to initiate multi-year projects on energy and resource management. We want to guide you quickly and reliably through the DJSI process and as a result reduce your workload.

Our DJSI package is a turnkey solution which covers all relevant DJSI requirements and ensures the completion of the assessment based on appropriate and validated content. We support you in analysing the gaps, prioritizing the data collection, assigning responsibilities and entering the responses into the DJSI system. Because of our know-how in relevant sustainability areas, we ensure the best possible contribution during the process of your DJSI participation.

  • Kick-Off workshop – Briefing, data review, clear milestones and deliverables
  • Data collection by DFGE – Leveraging existing data, filling the gaps
  • Response suggestions by DFGE

     DJSI Services: Individual & Modular

We consult you on an individual basis, provide internal trainings but also workshops for your team, and take on subtasks during the DJSI participation.

  • Workshops & trainings
  • Tailor-made consulting services
  • Dedicated response check
  • Validation of your responses

Your Advantages:

  • We know the methodology and evaluation of the DJSI rating
  • Dynamic and holistic customer care – your participation in DJSI is just one part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our Sustainability Intelligence solutions create transparency and synergy effects, no matter in which reporting initiative you participate
  • Many years of experience in relevant areas of sustainability
  • We do not see ourselves as consultants which accompany you for months on site and conduct long lasting projects, but in contrast as trainers or service providers – in order to minimize resources you have to invest for a successful DJSI participation
  • Save time and effort and make use of our expertise
  • Also, we are not an advertising company which makes your charts look more beautiful. Originally, we come from science, and that still influences the way we work today
Link between DJSI, RobecoSAM and CSA

The Swiss investment company RobecoSAM was founded in 1995 and is specialized in sustainable investment. The product range includes Asset Management, Sustainability Indices, Corporate Sustainability Assessment, etc. For the DJSI rating, the company sends the required questionnaire annually to the world’s largest corporations.

The methodological evaluation of the data generated by the questionnaire is based on the CSA (Corporate Sustainability Assessment) which has been introduced by RobecoSAM in 1999. The results obtained are also considered for other products offered by RobecoSAM, in order to make it easier for stakeholders (predominantly investors) to present and compare the sustainability performance of relevant companies.

Then, the invited companies can be eligible to be included in the DJSI, a stock exchange indices family taking into account sustainability criteria.

Which general criteria are primarily queried at the DJSI?

Economic dimension:

  • Codes of Business Conduct
  • Corporate Governance
  • Materiality
  • Risk- & crisis management

Ecological dimension:

  • Environmental policy & management systems
  • Environmental reporting

Social dimension:

  • Corporate Citizenship & philanthropic activities
  • Human Capital development
  • Indicators for labour practices and human rights
  • Social Reporting
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Beside that: criteria are activated and weighted based on the industry.

CSA Methodology and Scoring

The questionnaire is customized for 60 industries, over 3 dimensions: Economic, Environment and Social., containing criteria, themselves containing questions. The questions activated depend on the sector/industry. The maximum score for each question is 100. The various answer options within a question are scored individually or in combination, with the total sum resulting in a maximum of 100 points.

Such questionnaire is also weighted. You can read the methodology for an overview on the weighting rules.