Carbon Contribution

Understanding Climate Neutrality, Carbon Neutrality and Climate Contribution: What’s the Difference?

Terms like climate neutrality, carbon neutrality, and climate contribution are often used interchangeably but have distinct meanings. In this blog post, we will differentiate between these terms and shed light on their significance in the field of sustainability. Climate Neutrality refers to a state where a company, organization, or individual has balanced their greenhouse gas…

Climate Neutral France

France intensifies requirements for “climate neutral” as product designation

In the wake of the increasing impact of climate change, many firms have started to sell their products as “climate neutral”. For companies, this means at first reducing their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and then, fully offsetting the remaining emissions.But different countries have different requirements in this regard. In France, the Law to Combat Climate Change and Strengthen Resilience to its Impacts was passed demands much stricter regulation regarding the advertising of products with the label “climate neutral”. Discover how to market your products in compliance with French regulation.

Net Zero & Climate Neutrality

NET ZERO & CLIMATE NEUTRALITY – Companies are not reaching their goals

More and more companies commit to climate neutrality or net zero by a certain year. Corporates now have climate strategies and targets which are public and which include pledges that appear to significantly reduce, or even eliminate their contributions to global warming. Although, instead of reaching this goal, the corporates will only manage a reduction…

Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Climate Neutrality: Stricter EU rules on consumption and recycling

During a plenary debate in February 2021, the EU Parliament representatives agreed that achieving the goals of the European “Green Deal” will only be possible if the EU moves to a circular economy model and that this change will create new jobs and business opportunities. Furthermore, they stated that mandatory 2030 targets for material consumption…


Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition – commitment to low-carbon investment activities

Investors play a critical role in tackling the challenges humanity is facing at the moment. Due to the portfolios and assets they manage, investors have a huge impact on financial markets and economic activities. Their investments decide about how money is used. Responsible investments can mobilize financial markets to drive economy into a more sustainable…