CDP Climate Change

CDP Reporting: Requests go to the Supply Chain

cdp climate change As a CDP silver climate change consultancy partner we help responding companies with the completion of their CDP questionnaire from data collection to final submission. With our expertise and as accredited provider, we can minimize efforts and resources at your end and ensure a successful participation with our solutions.

“Over the years, DFGE not only worked with us to generate reliable, validated and increasingly accurate carbon footprints, but also helped us to reduce the efforts of data collection from our worldwide subsidiaries. With FridaCarb, we are on a good way to further automatize the carbon footprint generation and integrate it into our global sustainability management. This brings us a lot closer to our main goal of continuously reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.”
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Georg Steinberger, VP Environmental AffairsAvnet Inc.

Our services

Starter: Successful CDP participation for starters

Your company is still avoiding the efforts of environmental documentation and is afraid of potential bad sustainability rankings?

We help you with our starter-package to participate in the CDP Climate Change or CDP Supply Chain Program. The goal is to set a foundation for your sustainability communication and make sure that even with limited expenditures on your end valid data is collected and a solid sustainability reporting management will be established.

  • Online workshop
  • Calculation of your corporate carbon footprint with scope 1 andscope 2 emissions
  • Suggestions for answers to the CDP questionnaire

Response Check CDP: Use this check before submitting your CDP answers

CDP_AP_Logo_2019Response check is a high level ‘checking’ service for CDP responding companies that have completed their 2014 CDP response. Prior to final submission to CDP, an external check can now be performed to ensure the response is as complete as possible. The Response Checks service can be delivered by DFGE, who have received training from CDP on the response check methodology and process.

  • We check your answered questions and data before final submission to CDP
  • We consult you on an individual basis and provide direct feedback to you
  • We show you options for improvement of your CDP reporting

360-degree solution CDP: Experts’ support for all CDP questions

It is not our intention to block your internal resources and invade you with consultants, nor do we want to initiate multi-year projects on energy and resource management. We want to guide you quickly and reliably through the carbon foot-print accounting and CDP process and and as a result reduce your workload. Our CDP package is a turn-key solution which covers all relevant CDP requirements and ensures that the CDP can rate your corporation accurately based on appropriate and validated content.

  • KickOff workshop – Briefing, data review, clear milestones and deliverables
  • Data collection by DFGE – Leveraging existing data, filling the gaps
  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Response suggestions by DFGE

Services – individual & modular

We consult you on an individual basis, providing internal trainings for your team, but also workshops and subtasks during the CDP participation.

  • Workshops & trainings
  • Tailor-made consulting services
  • Validation of your responses

Your advantages:

  • Being an official CDP Silver Climate Change Consultancy Partner, we know the methodology of CDP
  • Save time and effort and make use of our expertise
  • Already for several years, we support some well-known CDP participants and help them to improve their answers for a better CDP performance
  • We can help you to hold your supply chain to account, and we can support also their CDP participation.
  • We take care of our customers in an integrated way – your CDP participation is just one part of CSR. Our Sustainability Intelligence solutions create transparency and synergy, no matter in which reporting initiative you participate.
  • We do not see ourselves as consultants which accompany you for months on site and conduct long lasting projects, but in contrast as trainers or service providers – in order to minimize resources you have to invest for a successful CDP participation.
  • Also, we are not an advertising company which makes your charts look more beautiful. Originally, we come from science, and that still influences the way we work today.
IT / Logistics

Support of the Green Council and the Earth Day initiatives, EcoVadis and CDP participation for Avnet Inc.

Mechanical engineering

Carbon Footprint as factor for management and controlling for the Müller-Leuthold AG


Integrated and validated CO2 management in the field of resource use for SITA Deutschland GmbH


Critical assessment of ecobalance, automotive supplier Carbon Footprint and CDP participations for Dräxlmaier Group

What is CDP about?

Since its foundation in 2000 the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) became an authority for environmental reporting and rating. CDP’s database is today the biggest in this class and stores data and information of corporations and their CO2 emissions, climate risks and corporate reduction strategies worldwide. CDP ratings are incorporated in financial ratings as on the Deutsche Börse, Reuters or Google Finance.

What is being scored?

The CDP survey on climate change evaluates four aspects of sustainable economies:

  1. Judgements of management about risks and chances related to climate change
  2. Systematic collection and calculation of CO2 emissions (Carbon Accounting)
  3. Management strategies for reduction of CO2 emissions, risk management and potentials
  4. Corporate Governance according climate change

Supply chain integration?

Due to the transparency of the rating and its publication, a natural competition evolves. The total number of corporate participants in the CDP survey is steadily growing.
CDP follows the holistic approach to incorporate not only direct emissions but also emissions along the life cycle of products and services.
This involves also data from the supply chain partners. With its Supply Chain Program, participating companies can invite their partners along the supply chain to join the initative.

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