Sustainability Intelligence

Sustainability Intelligence is the core concept of our sustainability management approach

sustainability-intelligenceSustainability Intelligence means, in short, that DFGE generally uses data that is already available, to ensure a continuous improvement process and to be able to focus on the relevant things.

The aim of our support is to bundle the effort of taking part in several sustainability standards and rankings like CDP, UNGC, EcoVadis or GRI; this way, work has to be done only once and you can focus on the substantial, meaning on your sustainability management.

Sustainability management is important for every company, regardless of its size, sector or location. Each company should try to tackle its social, ethical and environmental impacts.

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Our services

DFGE can support you at every step of your way to CSR management and reporting. Our services include data collection, calculation, review and reporting. The chart at the right side shows our business activities in detail.

Under the umbrella term sustainability intelligence, we support companies with:

Whatever you undertake – we recommend you to align your management to the PDCA approach:

Sustainability Intelligence Cycle


  • Identify your CSR impacts (link to benchmark and materiality matrix from GRI)
  • Set up a strategy with targets (link to EcoVadis CSR improvement strategy) by prioritizing important issues (link to materiality matrix from GRI page).
  • Stakeholder integration
  • Public committment to tackle your CSR impacts (by setting up strategies)


  • Execution of respective measures
    • Ethical training
    • Code of conduct for suppliers
    • Carbon Footprint


  • Check of measures by means of KPIs
  • Validation of external calculations
  • Review checks for CDP and other reporting standards


  • Plan new targets and measures
  • Communication of progess on various platforms like CDP, UNGC, GRI or EcoVadis

DFGE’s Customer Sustainability Platform

CSR management has become complex: A wide variety of stakeholders ask for information, clients demand participation in specific sustainability reporting, and the recording of company-wide CO2 emissions extends into the supply chains.

With the DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform, we put you, the customer, at the centre, because only company-specific CSR management is truly sustainable and can lead to carbon neutrality of products or the company.

The DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform acts as a central and intelligent hub for:

  • the life-cycle management of sustainability, where it lets you manage important data for acquisition and submission.
  • centralise and store all relevant data in a secure environment.
  • the calculations of Product and/or Corporate Carbon Footprints, which are increasingly based on SBTs and become dynamic through partial automation.
  • agile analysis and management of CSR activities and their impact on company-wide CO2 emissions.
  • the integration of your supply chains on your DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform.
DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform