Sustainability Intelligence

The DFGE Core Concept for your holistic Sustainability Management

In the course of expanding sustainability and CSR, your company also collects a wide variety of data at different locations and at different times.

On the other hand, very different stakeholders request different key figures and information from your company at different times. We want to unite all of this with our Sustainability Intelligence approach.

For your participation in the CDP Climate Change, CDP Water Program, UN Global Compact – UNGC, EcoVadis or Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reports, you collect general sustainability data such as energy consumption. For your sustainability report or your investor relations, you determine much more CSR information along your supply chain.

DFGE Sustainability Intelligence collects all this CSR information in one place and provides the information and data up to date for processing the most diverse CSR use cases.

You save time, collect not only data but also know-how and, above all, you can answer all CSR inquiries in an up-to-date and valid manner at any time.


An Overview

Sustainability Management

DFGE can support you every step of the way on your journey to CSR management and reporting. Our services range from data collection, calculation, review to reporting.

DFGE Solutions

How we support you!

Whatever you do, we recommend that you align management according to the PDCA approach:



Identify CSR impacts; Establish a strategy with goals by prioritizing what is important; Engage stakeholders; Public commitment to address CSR impacts.



Implementation of appropriate measures; ethics training; code of conduct for suppliers; product or corporate carbon footprint.



Review measures with performance metrics; validate third-party calculations; review checks for CDP and other reportings.



Plan new targets and measures; communicate progress on various platforms such as CDP, UNGC, GRI or EcoVadis

The DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform

Your Sustainability Management in one Tool

CSR management has become complex: A wide variety of stakeholders ask for information, clients demand participation in specific sustainability reporting, and the recording of company-wide CO2 emissions extends into the supply chains.

With the DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform, we put you, the customer, at the centre, because only company-specific CSR management is truly sustainable and can lead to carbon neutrality of products or the company.

The DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform acts as a central and intelligent hub for:

  • the life-cycle management of sustainability, where it lets you manage important data for acquisition and submission.
  • centralise and store all relevant data in a secure environment.
  • the calculations of Product and/or Corporate Carbon Footprints, which are increasingly based on SBTs and become dynamic through partial automation.
  • agile analysis and management of CSR activities and their impact on company-wide CO2 emissions.
  • the integration of your supply chains on your DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform.
DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform


Together for a sustainable future!

We support you on your way to a solid CSR management. Contact us via phone, mail or contact form. DFGE is looking forward to hearing from you.

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