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Steering and implementing sustainability with the right strategy

As a company, you need to comply with new regulatory requirements such as the EU Taxonomy, CSRD or the Supply Chain Act. Your value chain has to consider frameworks like SDGs, SBT or TCFD. International sustainability ratings such as ecovadis, CDP or Sustainalytics are becoming increasingly complex. New business models such as Circular Economy or Carbon Capture are impacting your products and services. And the pressure from society and your customers on your company is increasing.

To meet all these challenges, you need a comprehensive and integrated strategy that is not a theoretical set of slides for management, but a transparent framework that ensures the management and implementation of sustainability and all KPIs.

“With more than twenty years of experience, we understand the topic of sustainability strategy in all its depth and complexity. We help you and your departments bring all the elements together, set the right KPIs, and address focus topics in a pragmatic and targeted way.”

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner

Founder & CEO of DFGE

How can DFGE support?

Shaping the transformation of your company with DFGE as your strategy partner
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ESG Strategy

An ESG Strategy is aimed at companies that have to meet the requirements of the CSRD and/or rating platforms. It defines measurable targets and concrete measures for environment, social and governance, which support companies in defining a holistic sustainability strategy and embedding it in the overall strategy.
ESG Strategy

LkSG Strategy

With the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), the German government has created an instrument to constantly monitor social, environmental and legal standards in its own global supply chain and take action if necessary. The EU is also planning a supply chain law (CSDDD) that will cover even more far-reaching responsibilities and issues.
LkSG Strategy
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Biodiversity Strategy

A Biodiversity Strategy is aimed at companies that want to include other planetary impact boundaries besides climate in their overall strategy. It identifies key biodiversity impacts and dependencies and defines approaches to reduce the company’s overall environmental impact.
Biodiversity Strategy
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Circular Economy Strategy

A Circular Economy Strategy is aimed at companies that want to detach their economic activities from resource consumption in order to reduce their Scope 3 emissions in particular. Existing business models are examined, the introduction of circular processes is identified and these are embedded in the overall strategy.
Circular Economy Strategy

Your Advantages

DFGE as a strategic full-service provider

  • More than 20 years of experience in all areas of sustainability – from Carbon Accounting to CSRD, SFRD, GRI and others to Carbon Contribution.
  • DFGE understanding of the complexity and interconnections brings all sustainability elements together for you at strategy level.
  • The DFGE Performance Check gives you an overview of the status quo of your company in order to be able to set up the strategies in a measurable way.
  • Together with your departments, we set the right KPIs – comprehensible and actionable.
  • Instead of generic high-level statements, we work with you to develop concrete, realizable reduction potential.
  • And we do not leave you alone with the strategy, but support you in all steps of the implementation of Sustainability Intelligence.

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