EcoVadis Sustainability Rating: The power of supply chain

image ecovadisEcoVadis is a sustainability rating platform for global supply chains. EcoVadis Scorecards make it easy to understand, track and improve environmental, social and ethical performance worldwide. More than 75,000 companies use EcoVadis to reduce risk, drive innovation and foster transparency and trust between trading partners.

Buyers ask their suppliers to be rated by EcoVadis’ experts on their sustainability performance following EcoVadis’ assessment methodology (200 purchasing categories, 160 countries, and 21 CSR indicators). After the questionnaire has been completed by suppliers and necessary internal documents like policies or procedural instructions are attached, EcoVadis analysts rate it and the results are published in a scorecard, which then forms the necessary basis for improvement and discussions with buyers.

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Our Services

     Professional: EcoVadis Starter Package

Our team will proceed to a gap analysis based on your latest assessment or your internal practices and create a prioritized data collection plan accordingly.

We will check the validity of your existing documents and practices to make sure they match EcoVadis requirements and prepare all answers for your assessment. In this sense, we make sure the EcoVadis assessment reflects your current practices.

After the publication of the results, we build together a CSR Roadmap to help you plan the next steps.

  • Workshop to understand your practices
  • Review of existing documents
  • Preparation of questionnaire
  • Creation of a CSR roadmap

     Enterprise: Experts’ support for EcoVadis

We come onsite to check our existing practices and define together prioritized gaps. We then formalize an improvement plan and help you in setting up and documenting the new practices. We review the validity of all documents to be submitted to EcoVadis. On top, we also create some key documents for you such as policies and KPI dashboards, and even processes. As for the Starter package, we fill in the questionnaire and upload related documents – you simply have to make a final check.

Once the results are here, we go through them together in order to help you set up your next improvements with the CSR Roadmap.

  • Kick-off meeting with introduction into the project
  • Development of an improvement plan
  • Review of new & existing documents
  • Creation of dedicated documents
  • Formalization of questionnaire responses
  • CSR Roadmap formalization

     Services: Individual & Modular

In the context of your EcoVadis participation, we can offer you further services which are adjusted according to your advancement in the EcoVadis process. Our free webinars provide a first overview, on-site trainings make sure that your sustainability team gets to know and understands the basics of CSR reporting. We also provide trainings.

Make sure your answers to the questionnaire are in line with EcoVadis’ requirements. Our team will review your answers and receipts on the platform. In a short report, missing references, incorrect attachments, incorrect response paths or missing answers will be uncovered and explained. In this sense, you will have specific feedback on how to improve the format of the answers and alignment with EcoVadis principles.

You can also opt for our gap analysis and workshop offer. We will analyze the latest status and come to you for a workshop to jointly identify how to address remaining gaps. Then, with our improvement plan, it will be easy for you to monitor internally the completion of improvements and evaluate them during your next assessment.

Finally, we support you throughout the process of implementation, create the required policies and assist during the application in your daily business.

  • Consult: Gap analysis and workshops
  • Trainings and webinars
  • Response check
  • Ad hoc documents
  • Tailor-made consulting services
Build up your know-how with our EvoVadis Webinars

In cooperation with EcoVadis we have put together training packages for you: from free webinars for beginners to team trainings at your location for advanced users. Get the full webinar overview by clicking on the picture above.

Your Advantages:

  • Expert knowledge: Make use of our experience. We are the first official partner of EcoVadis in the DACH region. Our team consists of CSR experts with more than 20 years of experience with various CSR reporting standards like UNGC, CDP, GRI – and EcoVadis.
  • Scalability: Profit from horizontal and vertical scalability. No matter if you are a SMB or a company acting worldwide, no matter if you are an EcoVadis beginner or if you are already taking part for several years.
  • Progress: Improve your sustainability management system. We help you provide a better answer to your EcoVadis questionnaire which leads to address risks, better manage client’s requests, better monitor the success of your actions, better communicate on your commitments.
  • Turnkey solution: We minimize your workload by creating a turnkey solution, going from the formalization of responses to the creation of required documents.
  • Time-saving solution: Within only 2-7 weeks, you get a finalized solution. We work “iteratively and recursively”, meaning that you always get the answer which suits best at a certain moment. In the following years, these answers are checked, complemented and expanded. This way, you can document a continuous improvement process.  You don’t sign a perennial consultancy contract in which you are bound for several years.
EcoVadis process

Buyers ask the suppliers to be assessed by EcoVadis sustainability experts. Suppliers have to fill a declarative questionnaire and provide supporting documents, which will then be analyzed by EcoVadis’ teams, according to a methodology based on international standards. During this review, the location, size and sector of the supplier is taken into account. These results are then gathered into a scorecard, accessible from the platform for both suppliers and buyers. This scorecard shows the strengths and improvement areas of the supplier company’s sustainability management system. Policies, actions and reporting are analyzed under four categories:

  • environment
  • labor practices
  • fair business practices and
  • sustainable procurement.

A focus on continuous improvement

This approach fosters continuous improvement as companies formalize their commitments, then implement them with actions and finally review the success of these actions by monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). On the basis of these KPIs, objectives are reviewed and new actions are implemented. There is a possibility to launch an improvement plan on EcoVadis platform with the CAP (Corrective Action Plan) tool.

Advantages of EcoVadis

EcoVadis business model brings advantages for buyers and for suppliers.

For suppliers:

  • Share easily with different client companies
  • Benefit from recognized third-party survey
  • Understand and improve CSR performance

For buyers:

  • Protect the brand by managing risks
  • Drive performance in the supply chain
  • Benefit from a centralized solution