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EcoVadis is the sustainability rating platform for global supply chains. After participating in the EcoVadis questionnaire and providing evidence of CSR activities through documents and policies, the results are given to companies in the form of a scorecard from EcoVadis. EcoVadis scorecards make it easy to understand and improve global environmental, social and ethical performance.

“Participation in EcoVadis is quite extensive and requires a level of sustainability expertise that many companies along the supply chain are just starting to gain or have not yet implemented. We are very pleased to be a long-standing EcoVadis partner and to facilitate the important participation in EcoVadis for our customers and their suppliers.”

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner

Founder and CEO of DFGE

EcoVadis Gold Medal

Not only solution provider and certified partner but also successful participant

DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy was awarded a Gold Medal in recognition of its sustainability achievements! This places DFGE in the top 7% of all companies evaluated in EcoVadis.

EcoVadis Gold Siegel DFGE


Webinars & Trainings

In collaboration with EcoVadis, we have put together training packages for you: from free webinars for beginners and advanced users to team training sessions on site.

To the webinars


There is something for everyone!
  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • Project presentation
  • Flowchart Improvement
  • Workshop

Basic: EcoVadis Analysis

We have developed this package for EcoVadis participants who have already participated once and now want to optimize their scorecard. We screen your data and perform a gap analysis of your existing scorecard. The findings will be summarized in a Data Collection Plan (DCP). In the workshop, we explain more about the EcoVadis methodology and present our findings with a prioritized action plan.

Professional: EcoVadis KPI-Management

You receive the services of the EcoVadis basic package such as data screening, analysis scorecard and data collection plan as well as workshop with insights on the EcoVadis method and prioritized action plan. In addition, we create a KPI dashboard that includes KPIs relevant to EcoVadis from the topics of environment (ENV), labor and human rights (LAB), ethics (FB), and sustainable procurement (SUP). An internal review of the gap analysis is used for quality control.

  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • Project presentation
  • Flowchart improvement
  • Workshop
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Formal internal review
  • Kick-off Meeting & project presentation
  • Creation of a schedule
  • Review of new & existing documents
  • Create policies and KPI
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Workshop
  • Formal internal review

Enterprise: Experts’ support for EcoVadis

After reviewing your existing processes, we jointly define gaps to be prioritized. We then create an improvement plan and help you with implementation and documentation. We validate the validity of all documents to be submitted to EcoVadis. In addition, we also create e.g. guidelines, KPI dashboards and processes for you. We are also happy to take care of uploading the documents and provide suggested answers for the questionnaire. As soon as the results are available, we go through them together and help you to implement further improvements Scorecard.

Services: Individual & Modular

Our free webinars give you an initial EcoVadis overview. Training ensures that your sustainability team understands the principles of EcoVadis CSR reporting.

Our team will guide you through the entire EcoVadis process from an overview of your processes, review of responses, to a report for improvement. You can also opt for our gap analysis and workshop offering. We support you during the implementation process, create the necessary guidelines and help you apply them in your daily business.

  • Customized consulting services
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Creation of ad-hoc documents
  • Review Check
  • Webinars

EcoVadis XS - Support for SMEs

Evaluate and improve sustainability

EcoVadis (XS, S, M, L) is an assessment program specially tailored to SMEs that enables efficient assessment and improvement of sustainability performance. The appropriate questionnaire is determined primarily by the size of the company, i.e. the number of employees. DFGE supports companies in this by:

  1. Initial inventory: Analysis of the current status of sustainability practices and identification of potential for improvement.
  2. Data preparation and documentation: Support in compiling and structuring the necessary documents and information.
  3. Training and workshops: Training employees on the EcoVadis requirements and assessment process.

This support enables SMEs to improve their sustainability performance and position themselves as a reliable partner in the supply chain.

Your Advantages

Reasons why you should choose DFGE


Whether you are a medium-sized business or a global player, no matter if you are joining Ecovadis for the first time or if you are already a pro


Understand the EcoVadis methodology to further improve your scorecard in the future

Official Partner

Take advantage of our expertise and experience. We are the first official EcoVadis partner in DACH

Turnkey Solutions

Minimize your effort. We also help with creating policies, filling out the questionnaire or uploading documents.


Our roots go back to research and that’s how we still work today. Whether it is the gap analysis of the scorecard or a prioritized action plan


Our Sustainability Intelligence solutions create transparency and synergy effects, no matter which reporting you participate in

EcoVadis Process

Buyers ask the suppliers to be assessed by EcoVadis sustainability experts. Suppliers have to fill a declarative questionnaire and provide supporting documents, which will then be analyzed by EcoVadis’ teams, according to a methodology based on international standards. During this review, the location, size and sector of the supplier is taken into account. These results are then gathered into a scorecard, accessible from the platform for both suppliers and buyers. This scorecard shows the strengths and improvement areas of the supplier company’s sustainability management system. Policies, actions and reporting are analyzed under four categories:

  • environment
  • labor practices
  • fair business practices and
  • sustainable procurement.

Fokus on improvement

This approach fosters continuous improvement as companies formalize their commitments, then implement them with actions and finally review the success of these actions by monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). On the basis of these KPIs, objectives are reviewed and new actions are implemented. There is a possibility to launch an improvement plan on EcoVadis platform with the CAP (Corrective Action Plan) tool.

Advantages of Ecovadis

EcoVadis business model brings advantages for buyers and for suppliers.

For suppliers:

  • Share easily with different client companies
  • Benefit from recognized third-party survey
  • Understand and improve CSR performance

For buyers:

  • Protect the brand by managing risks
  • Drive performance in the supply chain
  • Benefit from a centralized solution

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