The DFGE Climate Strategy

Your Path to more Sustainability

A climate strategy is aimed at companies that require measurable targets and concrete measures to achieve SBT/Net-Zero goals. This involves an in-depth analysis of corporate carbon footprint hotspots to identify the most important levers for reducing emissions, deriving measures and embedding them in the overall strategy.

The aim of the climate strategy is to continuously reduce CO2 emissions throughout the company and its value chain. The central building block for this is the determination of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions (corporate carbon footprint). In addition, a concrete climate target is required that specifies the necessary emission reductions, as well as an implementation plan that includes concrete measures. Both together form your company’s climate strategy and make your ambitions measurable and comparable.

Dreistufiges Klimastrategie Stufenmodell der DFGE

With our 3-phase model, we can provide holistic support on the way to a climate strategy. Through concrete measures and practical recommendations, we accompany you in 3 phases – from analysis to roadmap – and enable you to achieve your sustainability goals.

How can DFGE help?

Together with our customer, we take one step at a time:

Climate Strategy Performance Check

What is the status quo of your company with regard to climate-relevant activities? In which areas are there still gaps? To what extent are the topics of sustainability and climate anchored in the organizational structure? Which legal regulations does your company have to comply with? What are the relevant stakeholder requirements?

Climate Framework

Which environmental issues are material for your company? What are material emissions in the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) balance? Which business units produce the most emissions? Which environmental and decarbonization goals fit your company? What measures and objectives can be derived from this?

Climate Roadmap

How can your company meet the 1.5°C target of the Paris Climate Agreement? How can the climate strategy be integrated into your company? What is the appropriate governance structure to successfully implement a climate strategy? What are the next steps on your decarbonization development path? What are the costs for your company? Does your company have a Climate Vision?

Your Advantages

Why DFGE when it comes to Climate Strategy?

  • DFGE uses a sound scientific process methodology, rejects blanket calculations and thus counteracts green-washing.
  • We support you as the first Science-Based-Targets partner in the DACH region according to international standards such as the ISO standard or the GHG protocol.
  • Assessable effort, concrete measures, clear and specific KPIs, and clearly defined responsibilities.

Get started with your Climate Strategy!

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