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#DFGE25 – We are celebrating! This year, we at DFGE are celebrating what is probably the longest company history in the field of sustainability. We are celebrating many experiences, achievements and milestones! And we are celebrating you, our customers, our partners and everyone who is committed to sustainability.

We have planned some specials for you in this context – you can find all the information on this page. And because we will be celebrating all year round, you will also find regular updates here.

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#DFGE25 Partner Interviews

Partnerships have been very important to us for 25 years. Both strategic and operational. We firmly believe that together we can always achieve more and go further. We are currently conducting exciting interviews with some of our partners. What is moving them this year? Where do they see the next big hurdles for CSR, ESG, CSRD – or whatever buzzword is used for sustainability? Where is there potential for solutions?

Frank Werner (WEC)


We talk to Frank Werner, Director – WEC Europe e.V. about the World Environment Center, why an ESG strategy is becoming increasingly important for smaller companies and answer for the first time what exactly companies can expect from the “new” WEC after its merger with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC).

Hannah Matthaei Profilbild


DFGE supports its clients with all facts and figures – the MINT agency is the expert in formulating and designing these in sustainability reports that are comprehensible and transparent for all stakeholders. Without green washing, but with high standards in terms of depth of content and design. We talk to Hannah Matthaei about the fine line between green marketing and empty promises.

Tanja Reilly Profilbild


The interview with Tanja Reilly, Senior Strategic Business Development Manager, will focus on the adjustments to the EcoVadis medal award and the impact of the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) on the EcoVadis assessment. How do companies need to respond? What is particularly important?

#DFGE25 Essentials Webinar Series

Our roots lie in science and research, which is perhaps why we feel the urge to pass on our knowledge. In our anniversary essential webinars, we provide free, well-structured and easy-to-understand basic knowledge on carbon footprint calculation, CSRD double materiality analysis, CSRD Climate Transistion Plan and much more. It starts on February 15th. Educate yourself – every month, always 30 minutes. Make a note of a few of the following dates …

Webinar Teaserbild
ESG Handbook 2024

#DFGE25 ESG Handbook 2024

Our guide for you along the ESRS – free of charge for the DFGE anniversary

#DFGE25 A journey through time in pictures

Browse through 25 years of experiences with us: Events with partners, with customers or with our teams in private. Do you recognize some of your DFGE contacts?

#DFGE25 Our moments

Behind the projects for and with our customers are the teams, the people who make up DFGE. Each person has their own story in and with DFGE – e.g. from the first day as a trainee to the Smart Matter Expert as Senior Sustainability Expert. We have collected a few stories from our teams for you.

I spent the first 10 years of my professional life working for a global logistics service provider. In spring 2017, I was finally offered a full-time position there with a focus on sustainability in the air and sea freight business area. As a native of the Allgäu region, I have always been very close to nature due to my proximity to the mountains, lakes and forests, so I decided to accept the new challenge offered to me. I have never regretted this decision, quite the opposite.

From 2017 to 2023, I was able to support the development of a wide range of sustainability topics at my former employer from the ground up. Although this was quite challenging at times, it was extremely exciting from a primary perspective.

I first came into contact with DFGE very intensively in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown. At that time, the management of my former employer had decided to collect the first corporate carbon footprint completely as part of a remote project in cooperation with DFGE. DFGE undoubtedly played a major role in the successful completion of this project without any major delays. This first project together with DFGE was followed by a handful of other projects for me. In particular, working with the DFGE team taught me to appreciate their scientific approach and flawless project structuring. In addition, you could always rely on receiving a detailed and competent answer to your questions.

At some point, I became curious about how work is done at DFGE and so I finally became part of the DFGE team in October 2023. Working at DFGE motivates me every day, so I am very grateful to be part of the DFGE team.

Anyone who starts working at DFGE will very quickly realize one thing: there are people here with heart and the same interests, who are not just colleagues. The warm atmosphere and the way we interact with each other is truly unique – you know that you can rely on your team, even when things get difficult. Team spirit is very important at DFGE – and not just 9 to 5 in the office. During joint activities outside of everyday working life, we create memories that bring us together as a team. Our strong sense of team spirit not only creates a pleasant working atmosphere, but also contributes significantly to our success – as a team and as a company as a whole. And our customers feel that too.

Through my job at DFGE, I have not only found a collegial working atmosphere with fun at work, but also friendships that I wouldn’t want to miss.

I have been working at DFGE for about two years, part-time (20h/week) and completely remotely from Vienna. I really appreciate this opportunity to work remotely, as it gives me an excellent work-life balance. The acceptance and support of my musical activities as a producer in the areas of R&B, pop and K-pop is particularly valuable to me. DFGE stands out positively in that it promotes part-time passions and does not see them as competition to my main job. This flexibility and openness in dealing with my dual career makes working at DFGE something very special for me.

Tobias Elternzeit

Nowadays, it is still not a matter of course for a man in a management position to take parental leave for an extended period of time – but at DFGE it is. This family-friendliness is one reason why I appreciate this company so much. The decision to take six months of parental leave enabled me to spend valuable time with my daughter. The flexible working hours after parental leave allow me to balance my professional commitments with my family responsibilities. Our corporate culture not only promotes personal and professional development, but also individual life planning. DFGE has always supported me in this process and made it easy for me to take parental leave. The long-term planning and the establishment of a reliable replacement option in advance were particularly important. I am proud to be part of an organization that focuses on the well-being of its employees and their families.

Workation – a mixture of work and vacation, which for me is one of the best benefits offered by DFGE. When it started to get rainy and gray in Germany in November, I set off on a four-week trip across Italy by train with my work equipment.

My first workation stop was Turin – an often underestimated city in the north of Italy in the Piedmont region. After a few hours on the train, I swapped the German rain for dolce vita. From my accommodation I had a wonderful view of the Italian and French Alps and after work I spent time in the charming little town, which has a lot to offer both culturally and in terms of cuisine. Excursions in Piedmont and to the truffle capital of Alba were then on the agenda on my days off.

The next stop on my work trip took me to Florence in Tuscany. Once my work was done, I let myself drift through the streets of Florence and enjoyed the architecture and vibrancy of the city. A plate or two of pasta and a scoop of ice cream were of course a must after work.

After spending a few days here too, the “work” part of the workation was over for me and I went into vacation mode. My trip took me further afield to Naples, the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. By combining work and vacation, I managed to travel across Italy by train and visit 9 cities in 4 weeks.

The next trip is already being planned, but this time I’m going to the beach with my laptop in my luggage.


We did things long before they became methods and established processes – a few highlights from #DFGE25

Foundation 1999

The spin-off of the Technical University of Munich ventures into independence with the cryptic company name.

The basis of the DFGE top-down approach is Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner’s dissertation on the primary energy optimization of self-sufficient hybrid vehicles at the Chair of Energy Economics and Power Plant Technology. Several studies and expert activities for the EU dealt with the energy cycle.

Research & Conferences

2002 – Major research project in cooperation with 7 European companies – ACCEPT: Ammonia Cracking for Clean Electric Power Technology (FP6 of the European Union)

2005 – “Value of Mobility” conference with VDI & University of Applied Sciences Munich

Since 2008 – Committee work on carbon footprint and eco-balancing with ISO / NAGUS / VDI, GHG, WRI, CDP, UNGC

Software & Tools

2010 – Tool for calculating emissions in transport logistics
2013 – FridaCarb and FridaLog – proprietary software tools for CO2 recording and calculation in logistics and companies
2015 – Sustainability Intelligence concept
2018 – Studies sentiment analysis & AI in sustainability reporting (presentation at the HNU IT Congress)
2021 – PCF Engine – for the calculation of product carbon footprints
2023 – ESG Questionnaire

Engagement & Partnerships

Since 1999 – Close cooperation with initiatives and standards such as GHG, VDI, GRI

Since 2014 – Official Accredited Solution Provider CDP

Since 2015 – First EcoVadis partner in the DACH region

Since 2016 – Customer support for all aspects of SBT / SBTi

Since 2016 – Community Member GRI

The DFGE in numbers

We love numbers! Facts instead of opinions is our credo – and here we would like to say a big thank you: Thank you to all our customers who have trusted us for years and whose commitment to sustainability we are proud of every day! Thank you to everyone who supports us in our daily work – from IT to our major partners! Thank you to all our employees who work so passionately with us to put sustainability into practice, from analysis to roadmap and implementation in the company!


Long-standing partnerships

DFGE is also celebrating anniversaries with its partners

What a journey! At the beginning of the DFGE, at the end of the last century, many of the established ratings and initiatives did not even exist. We have been in contact with many of them since the beginning of their activities – even if formal partnerships were only established later.

And of course the journey is far from over. We are currently forging new partnerships with companies that are working on the digitalization of sustainability – and are in close contact with all institutions that are driving forward the topics of CSRD, ESRS, taxonomy and more across the EU.

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner,

Founder and CEO

“Sustainability is a complex issue because it affects so many players along the value chain in all sectors and involves a wide variety of aspects. A sustainable future can only be realized with a network of strong partners.”

We are very pleased about this important and close partnership. Even before DFGE became an official GRI Community Member, Dr. Thomas Fleissner, founder and CEO of DFGE, volunteered as Chairman of the Peer Review Panel for the translation of the GRI into German.

Our collaboration began when the CDP was still known as the Carbon Disclosure Project. We are an official CDP Silver Climate Change Consultancy Partner and support many clients in their participation. For good reason, it is now just called “CDP”, because in addition to Climate Change, CDP Water and CDP Forest also play important roles in the sustainable orientation of companies.

We were the first partner of EcoVadis in the DACH region and congratulate EcoVadis on its rapid growth, which underlines the importance of supply chains. In addition to being a solution provider for EcoVadis, we are of course also an active participant here and are grateful for the gold medal last year.

Customer successes

We are proud of our customers …
Case Study Merck


Establishing a biodiversity strategy Customer: Merck KGaA Category: Chemical &…

WMF Case Study


EcoVadis Platinum Medal with support from DFGE Customer: WMF GmbH…

Sauter Deutschland

Sauter Germany

DFGE as a full-service provider: Corporate Carbon Footprint, EcoVadis &…

Ardagh Case Study Titelbild

Ardagh Group

The road to EcoVadis Platinum with the support of DFGE…

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