CDP Forest

CDP Forest: A sustainability reporting with growing importance

CDP Forest

In addition to the topics of climate change and water, the issue of deforestation and logging is becoming increasingly important for companies and is becoming the focus of a wide range of stakeholders. Since 2012, CDP has therefore been using a dedicated questionnaire to ask companies about their activities as well as direct and indirect influences in this area, summarized under the term CDP Forest.

One of the world’s greatest causes of deforestation and forest degradation is commercial agriculture. An estimated 10-15% of global carbon emissions result from deforestation and forest degradation. Various commodities such as soybeans, palm oil, timber and cattle are either directly or indirectly related to deforestation and forest degradation and pose potentially significant business risks and negative environmental impacts on land, water, biodiversity and climate change. For this reason, more and more companies are being asked to participate in the CDP Forest Program with regard to their management of these risks.

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Our Services

Since 1999, DFGE has been working as a carbon footprint and ecology expert for small and medium-sized companies as well as for Fortune 500 corporations. DFGE is a CDP silver climate change consultancy partner. We help companies participate in the CDP programs – from climate change andwaterand forest, from investor to supply chain requests.

Depending on your company’s needs and goals of CDP participation, we provide the following dedicated service packages for the CDP Water Program:


     Professional: Successful right from the start

You were first asked to participate in the CDP Forest Program? Do you lack the capacity and know-how for this sustainability reporting?

We help you to participate in the CDP Forest Program with our Starter Package. The aim is to lay the foundation for your sustainability communication and to support you in answering the CDP Forest questionnaire on the “Awareness” evaluation level. The scope (main categories: Cattle, Palm oil, Soy, Timber, Mining, Rubber) can be adapted to your needs.

  • Workshop
  • Collection of data reflecting current practices
  • Suggestions for answers to the CDP questionnaire to aim for the CDP Pathway Developing Ability

     Enterprise: The CDP Forest complete package

Does your company want to further reduce the negative effects on forests? Your goal is to achieve a leading role in the medium or long term? Are you looking for expertise to further improve the CDP assessment?

Our Forest Management Package supports you in answering the CDP questionnaire at “Management” & “Leadership” level. We advise you on the development of guidelines, steering and target setting as well as on identifying the interests of your stakeholders and external engagement. Our services include the assessment of existing or potential traceability & certification systems for the commodity category to be reported. The scope (main categories: Cattle, Palm oil, Soy, Timber) can be adapted to your needs.

  • KickOff workshop – Briefing, data review, clear milestones and deliverables
  • Data collection by DFGE – Leveraging existing data, filling the gaps, focus on improvements
  • Carbon footprint calculation (optional)
  • Response suggestions by DFGE aiming for the CDP Pathway “Complete”

     Services: Individual & Modular

We consult you on an individual basis, providing internal trainings for your team, but also workshops and subtasks during the CDP participation. Our Consult package helps you identifying the gaps and formalize an improvement plan taking into account latest methodology development, yearly updates and focus on the gaps. Also, with our Check, you can benefit from external feedback before submitting to the CDP, and thus address short-term gaps to maximize your participation.

  • Consult: Gap analysis and Workshops
  • Validation of your responses with our Check before final submission to CDP
  • Tailor-made consulting services

Your Advantages:

  • Being an official CDP Silver Climate Change Consultancy Partner, we know the methodology of CDP
  • Save time and effort and make use of our expertise
  • Already for several years, we support some well-known CDP participants and help them to improve their answers for a better CDP performance
  • We can help you to hold your supply chain to account, and we can support also their CDP participation.
  • We take care of our customers in an integrated way – your CDP participation is just one part of CSR. Our Sustainability Intelligence solutions create transparency and synergy, no matter in which reporting initiative you participate.
  • We do not see ourselves as consultants which accompany you for months on site and conduct long lasting projects, but in contrast as service providers – in order to minimize resources you have to invest for a successful CDP participation.
  • Also, we are not an advertising company which makes your charts look more beautiful. Originally, we come from science, and that still influences the way we work today.
What is CDP about?

Since its foundation in 2000 the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) became an authority for environmental reporting and rating. CDP’s database is today the biggest in this class and stores data and information of corporations and their CO2 emissions, climate risks and corporate reduction strategies worldwide. CDP ratings are incorporated in financial ratings as on the Deutsche Börse, Reuters or Google Finance.

What is being scored?

The CDP survey on climate change evaluates four aspects of sustainable economies:

  1. Judgements of management about risks and chances related to climate change
  2. Systematic collection and calculation of CO2 emissions (Carbon Accounting)
  3. Management strategies for reduction of CO2 emissions, risk management and potentials
  4. Corporate Governance for climate change

Supply chain integration

Some companies are asked by their investors to take part in the CDP, while others are asked by their customers through the Supply Chain module. Some companies can answer both if they are asked by investors and customers. The contents of the Supply Chain module contain the Core questionnaire (same contents as for the Investor request) and specific questions for the supply chain. More than 115 organizations request 11,5000 suppliers to take part in the CDP questionnaire.