CDP Water

For active Corporate Responsibility for Water

The CDP Water program was created in 2010 due to the growing expectations of investors, NGOs and society. The goal is to make companies actively responsible for water, to safeguard water as a resource and to take into account the global scarcity of water.

“The CDP Water Program promotes transparency as well as measurability of progress in this area through the Water-Related Opportunities and Risks Report.”

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dreier

Co-Founder and CEO, DFGE


You have the choice!

Response Check

If you want to be on the safe side shortly before submitting your CDP, the DFGE can provide you with a final “Response Check”. This gives you the opportunity to make any necessary updates at short notice.
  • High-level check for completeness
  • Check for general validity
  • Checking the formalities on a technical level
  • Kick-off workshop & introduction to the CDP methodology
  • Gap analysis & prioritisation workshop
  • Formal review & feedback

Basic: For a successful start

The aim of the Basic Package is to optimally prepare and structure the elaboration and response of the CDP Water together with you and thereby significantly reduce the internal workload. For this purpose, DFGE conducts a detailed gap analysis on improvement potentials and necessary updates. The results are presented in a joint workshop and a prioritized implementation plan is developed. Experience shows that this results in a noticeable improvement in the rating.

Professional: Successful right from the start

We have put together a service package that supports you in developing the answers at the “Awareness” level. Here, we determine the hazard potential and the importance of water for your company. And we calculate the water consumption on site. In this context, we address questions about where your production may be affected by water scarcity or how your main suppliers are affected by water availability. The UN water category “Basic” serves as a benchmark in this process.

  • Kick-off workshop & introduction to the CDP methodology
  • Detailed CDP content workshop
  • Data collection & gap analysis
  • Optimisation of response suggestions for the CDP questionnaire
  • Feedback meeting on collected data and answers
  • Kick-off workshop & introduction to the CDP methodology
  • Review of database, data collection and gap analysis
  • Optimisation of suggested answers for the CDP questionnaire
  • Water Footprint / Water Management
  • Ready-to-use implementation of the assessment

Enterprise: The CDP Water complete package

Our Water Management Package supports you in responding to the CDP questionnaire at “management” level. We advise you on policy development, governance and target setting, as well as stakeholder interest identification and external engagement. Our services include uncovering water use, water withdrawals by source type, and in your value chain. Again, the UN category, in this case “Advanced”, is taken into account as a supporting benchmark.

Services: Individual & Modular

We tailor our services to your needs: from individual consulting and internal training for your team to taking over subtasks during the CDP phase. We identify problem areas, create improvement plans according to the latest methods, perform annual updates and help you close gaps in sustainability calculation and reporting. Our review check prior to data submission to CDP corrects errors at short notice and optimizes your participation in the CDP questionnaire.

  • Customized consulting services
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Subtasks / external support
  • Review Check
  • Webinars

Your Advantages

Reasons why you should choose DFGE


We help to hold your supply chain accountable and also support them in CDP participation

Time Saving

Save time and effort and use our expertise. We support with valid answers for a better rating at CDP

Official Partner

As an official CDP Silver Climate Change Consultancy Partner, we know the CDP assessment methodology


We don’t see ourselves as consultants, but as coaches. We don’t make your data prettier. Our roots are in research and that’s how we still work today.

Full Service Provider

We serve our customers holistically – your CDP participation is just one part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Our Sustainability Intelligence solutions create transparency and synergy effects, no matter which reporting you participate in

Why a report about water?

CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) plays a central role in driving companies and their suppliers worldwide to report on carbon and climate change risks and opportunities. Companies voluntarily respond to the CDP’s questionnaire, and develop carbon and climate change mitigation and adaption strategies.

In 2010 CDP started to invite companies to report on water-related risks and opportunities, according the growing expectations by investors, civil society and NGOs for transparency and quantitative measurement of progress.

The goal is to catalyse action on corporate water stewardship to safeguard water resources and address the global water crisis.

What is being scored?

The CDP Water questionnaire evaluates different aspects:

  1. Judgements of management about risks and opportunities related water
  2. Systematic collection and calculation of water related KPIs
  3. Management strategies and targets, business strategy
  4. Corporate Governance for climate change

Supply Chain integration?

Some companies are asked by their investors to take part in the CDP, while others are asked by their customers through the Supply Chain module. Some companies can answer both if they are asked by investors and customers. The contents of the Supply Chain module contain the Core questionnaire (same contents as for the Investor request) and specific questions for the supply chain. More than 115 organizations request 11,5000 suppliers to take part in the CDP questionnaire.


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