The DFGE PCF Software

Product Carbon Footprint calculation simple, fast and GHG compliant

Knowing the current carbon footprint of products (PCF) is becoming increasingly important for companies. For the company-wide climate strategy and the transparent information of stakeholders. Above all, however, for their own product development, in which the aim is to optimize the manufacture of products with regard to the materials used, transport, waste materials and packaging in order to reduce CO2 emissions. For this purpose, we have developed the DFGE PCF Software. An easy-to-use tool that allows you to calculate the cradle-to-gate product carbon footprint easily, quickly and validly, even without extensive PCF expertise.

The DFGE PCF Software is the perfect extension of our product carbon footprint services when it comes to making products more sustainable “from cradle to factory gate”.

Calculate the Product Carbon Footprint of your products

PCF Software

The DFGE PCF Software

Key Facts

PCF Engine
  • Cradle-to-gate PCF for simple products
  • Calculation based on GHG-Protocol / Product Life Cycle Accounting & Reporting Standard
  • Simlified Steps following DFGE Top-down Apporach
  • High level analysis of life cycle stages: material acquisition incl. transportation, energy and waste from production process and packaging
  • No extensive LCA/PCF expertise required
  • Insights on emission composition
  • Instant and automatic report generation
  • Optional implementation of additional datasets (emission factors)
  • Optional review through DFGE experts

Product Carbon Footprint

Emission Categories

Materials & Inbound Transportation

All incoming materials for product production, and inbound transportation for procurement of these materials.


Energy consumption during production process, including process emission.


Treatment of waste generated in production and packaging.


All packaging used for finished products and outer packaging.

Your advantages from the perspective of various stakeholders

For the product development

  • Simple tool for optimizing sustainable product development.
  • Identify potential savings by knowing the emission contributions of materials, transport, production, production waste and packaging.
  • Quick calculation of alternative / substitute materials for comparisons
  • Optional and individual extension of the data sets (emission factors) stored in the tool for e.g. new materials
PCF Tool

For Management

  • Insights and KPIs for company-wide strategy development, climate strategy and sustainable business.

For produkt management and CSR communication

  • Create PCF results as a PDF at the click of a mouse
  • PDF certificates for clients and customers

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