Circular Economy Strategy

The Concept of Circular Economy

Although the concept of the circular economy has been around for several decades, it has gained considerable attention in recent years. The principles of the circular economy are based on the need for sustainable and responsible use of resources.

The circular economy is a resilient system that addresses global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution. In doing so, the circular economy decouples economic success from the consumption of finite resources. Many companies are setting ambitious goals to reduce their environmental footprint. Adopting circular economy practices can help them achieve these goals.

Here, the circular economy is based on three principles:

  1. Eliminating waste and pollution
  2. Recycling products and materials (to their highest value)
  3. Regenerating nature

Reasons for a Circular Economy

Not only for Nature

There are several reasons why the circular economy has gained more attention in recent years. One of them is the growing awareness of the negative environmental impacts of the traditional linear economy.

Not only nature, but also companies can benefit from the circular economy in various ways:

Companies can use resources more efficiently by moving to a circular economy model. Reducing waste, minimizing the use of raw materials and extending product life can save costs, increase competitiveness and improve resilience to supply chain disruptions.

A circular economy model can also open up new business opportunities for companies. Companies can develop innovative business models that generate new revenue streams and open up new markets.

Many countries are enacting regulations that require companies to reduce waste and adopt circular economy practices. The EU’s forthcoming Sustainability Reporting Requirement (CSRD), also requires companies to report on circular economy strategies, measures and targets.

How can DFGE help?

Together with our customer, we take one step at a time:

Circular Economy Performance Check

Where does your company stand today? What measures have you already implemented? Where are the links between your business activities and the Circular Economy? Which regulations and standards are relevant for you? What level of ambition does your company want to achieve?

Materiality, Benchmark & Action Areas

On which topics should the focus be set – where are the biggest impacts and dependencies for your company? What can you learn from best practice companies? In which areas do your measures have the greatest impact?

Policy, Governance & Roadmap

What needs to be addressed in the policy? How can the Circular Economy strategy be integrated into your organization? What are the next steps for your company?
Circular Economy Wide

Your Advantages

Why DFGE on the topic of Circular Economy Strategy?

  • Structured approach to identify the focus topics for you step-by-step
  • Many years of experience in sustainability reporting according to internationally recognized standards and guidelines such as CSRD, SFRD und GRI
  • LCA and carbon footprint expertise for evaluating impacts on the circular economy
  • Preferred Partner status with rating organizations such as CDP and EcoVadis – we show you the data gaps
  • We help you to understand the interactions between Circular Economy and other environmental topics and to place the topic Circular Economy in your organization and to implement measures

Get started with your Circular Economy Strategy

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