Corporate Carbon Footprint

With DFGE, your company carbon footprint calculation is a piece of cake

carbon footprint unternehmenNowadays, climate-related emissions that are caused by a company’s business operations are becoming an important indicator in corporate communications and risk management. However, the calculation of a corporate carbon footprint – or even just a product carbon footprint – is often a time-consuming and costly project. Also, the limited availability of data is a hurdle for a carbon footprint calculation, especially when a company has locations in several countries.

The DFGE TopDown Approach approach makes corporate carbon footprint calculations easier and reduces the time invested. We identify critical factors for you, use data from benchmarks and also take accessible financial data into account. Therefore a reliable estimate of your corporate greenhouse gas emissions can be defined within just a few weeks. This quick and transparent analysis allows companies to focus on the implementation of reduction measures for CO2 emissions.

Step 1 of the Climate Strategy

The corporate carbon footprint calculated according to scientific standards and the DFGE Top-Down Approach forms the basis and the first step in the climate strategy.

Our Services


  • Calculation of your Corporate Carbon Footprint (Scope 1 and 2)
  • First detection of potentials for emission savings
  • Valid basic data for your environmental report


  • We reduce your invested effort as much as possible
  • Based on an initial briefing, we collect all information
  • Complete calculation of your Corporate Carbon Footprint
  • Presentation of benchmarks and potentials for emissions savings


  • We help you to establish know-how
  • Workshops & trainings
  • Tailor-made consulting services
  • Validation of your calculations according to international standards like GHG protocol or ISO 14064

Why you should calculate your Corporate Carbon Footprint with DFGE:

  • Customized categories and data fields, adapted to your company
  • On-the-fly calculation of a first Carbon Footprint value

From a management perspective:

  • Dashboard with graphical analysis of results according to GHG protocol scopes and categories
  • Management Summary
  • Less internal resources needed for Carbon Accounting

In search of high quality:

Optimal integration into your Sustainability Management:

picture showing a person holding a tablet
IT / Logistik

Support of the Green Council and the Earth Day initiatives, EcoVadis and CDP participation for Avnet Inc.

picture of a church next to a river
Packaging Industry

Carbon Footprint as factor for management and controlling for the AR Packaging Group

picture showing a meeting

Integrated and validated CO2 management in the field of resource use for SITA Deutschland GmbH


Critical assessment of ecobalance, automotive supplier Carbon Footprint and CDP participation for Dräxlmaier Group

What is a Carbon Footprint?

The Carbon Footprint is a descriptive, widely-used term for the greenhouse gas emission balance of an entire organization, or alternatively, of a single product or service. It includes emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (measured in CO2 equivalents / CO2-eq).

In the case of an organization like a company or public institution, the Carbon Footprint includes all emissions that are directly or indirectly caused by the activities of the organization over a certain time, usually a year. The Carbon Footprint of a product or service, in turn, includes all emissions occurring over its lifecycle.

Calculating the Carbon Footprint is the central step in measuring what effects a company’s activities and products have on climate change. In the process, main drivers of emissions and weak spots in a company’s ecological performance are discovered and can be optimized. The resulting Carbon Footprint serves as a guideline for own contributions to meeting local, national and international climate targets.

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