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Webinare und TrainingsIn times of digital education and due to the given circumstances DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy is expanding its online webinar offerings. In addition to webinars on various reporting standards such as the CDP or EcoVadis, we also offer online training for other products – for example on our new full-service solution on climate strategy.

Register for one or more of our free webinars and benefit from over two decades of experience in the field of life cycle assessment, sustainability calculations and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Below you will find a current webinar overview.

The DFGE is looking forward to your participation.

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The DFGE Climate Strategy – Climate Neutrality on a Scientific Basis

Climate Strategy

DFGE_Webinar_Icon   Net Zero and climate neutrality: Together for the 1.5° target

Despite Covid-19, climate protection will remain one of the most important issues for business in 2021. The financial markets are also paying more attention to and valuing companies’ climate ambitions. The buzzword climate neutrality is being reinforced by efforts to achieve Net Zero. For companies to achieve these goals, they need to bring together two key areas as part of a climate strategy. On the one hand, it is about recording and calculating the carbon footprint for products and companies. In other words, the recording of CO2 emissions in the company along the value chain. On the other hand, it is about concrete strategies and measures for reducing emissions and investing in climate protection projects to offset residual CO2 emissions.

South Pole, a world-leading developer of international climate protection projects as well as holistic climate protection solutions, and DFGE, known as an expert for climate strategy and carbon footprint calculation, bundle their complementary offers. Companies can thus realize their efforts towards Net Zero and climate neutrality with a complete offer from the partners.

  • Who:  beginners and advanced
  • When: Available soon
  • How much: FREE
  • Topic: Net Zero & Climate Neutrality
  • Language: German

EcoVadis Webinars

EcoVadis Logo Grey

DFGE_Webinar_Icon   DFGE | EcoVadis On-Demand Webinar

Our free on-demand webinar consist of the following program items:

  • Who and what is EcoVadis?
  • Overview of main contents
  • Overview of scoring logic
  • Insights into methodolody
  • Overview of our support service options

Especially for beginners without any pre-knowledge, EcoVadis presents itself as a very complex assessment. In order to simplify your entry into the assessment process as much as possible, the DFGE, as an official EcoVadis partner, provides this recorded webinar to explain the overall EcoVadis concept and answer all common questions.

  • Who:  Beginners and advanced users requiring flexible time scheduling
  • When: on-demand and online
  • How much: FREE
  • Duration: ca. 30min
  • Topic: Understanding EcoVadis
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DFGE_Webinar_Icon   DFGE | EcoVadis Webinars – DFGE Questions & Answers

Our free webinars consist of the following program items:

  • Who and what is EcoVadis?
  • Overview of main contents
  • Overview of scoring logic
  • Insights into methodolody
  • Overview of our support service options
  • Questions and Answers

Especially under time pressure EcoVadis presents itself as a very complex assessment. The need for high-quality verification documents or policies on all important topics makes it very difficult for newcomers in particular to prioritise the work to be invested. In order to simplify your entry into the assessment process as much as possible, but also to facilitate the qualitative continuation of the assessment against this background, the DFGE, as an official EcoVadis partner, conducts regular webinars to explain the overall EcoVadis concept. Within the webinars you as a participant have the possibility to ask individual questions, which will be answered by the DFGE experts.

  • Who: Beginners and advanced users requiring a moderated webinar
  • When: Several dates – see registration link
  • How much: FREE
  • Duration: 45min
  • Language: German
  • Topic: Understanding EcoVadis and improving your own performance
Registration – November 11, 2021Registration – December 09, 2021

DFGE_Webinar_Icon   Onsite Workshops | Professionals and Teams

This training session aims at empowering your team with practical methods and tips on how to answer the EcoVadis questionnaire, interpreting the scorecard and making an improvement plan. Besides theoretical basics, the focus is on practicing in order to be empowered with the basic principles of EcoVadis and make the most out of your assessment.

You will be able to:

  • prioritise your answers and detect improvement areas,
  • show your sustainability progress,
  • know which documents to choose and in which format,
  • identifying individual key topics,
  • understanding EcoVadis in the context of other sustainability systems
  • implement solutions to tackle improvement areas and set-up of stringent improvement plan

The main target is not only to improve the overall sustainability management system of your company but also to understand how to link EcoVadis and the other standards you already have implemented, e.g. ISO, CDP, GRI, your CSR report and much more.

By clicking on the green button „contact form“, you will contact us to share your interest: It is not legally binding. We will then send you a personalised quote.

  • Who: EcoVadis users and staff units requiring requiring (internally) a third-party support
  • When: upon request, online or on-site
  • How much: 2450 € plus VAT (max. 10 participants)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Langauge: German or English
  • Topic: Build a team of sustainability experts
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Improve your CDP-Performance


DFGE_Webinar_Icon   CDP – Changes and Challenges in 2022 + Q&A

With the new year, the new 2022 CDP season is just around the corner. Learn more about the new CDP questionnaire in this webinar. We will take a look at the most relevant changes and which areas of CDP in particular have been tightened up. A best practice example will reveal the role that biodiversity management will play as one of the new key topics. DFGE can provide the best possible support in bundling your efforts for the upcoming CDP reporting. We are looking forward to exchanging ideas with you in the Q&A session of the webinar.

  • Who: CDP Climate Change participants
  • When: 10 February 2022 at 4 p. m. CET
  • How much: FREE
  • Topic:  CDP questionnaire 2022 / Biodiversity

Webinar On-Demand Library

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