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Customer: WOCO Industrietechnik GmbH

Category: Automotive

Date: February 2019

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Woco Industrietechnik GmbH is a family-owned medium-sized industry company located in Bad Soden-Salmünster, Germany. Its business activities can be distinguished into the divisions Automotive, comprising the product fields Powertrain and elastomer technology and Non-Automotive with anti-vibration systems for train technology and industrial applications, as well as functional solutions for measuring / regulation systems. After the foundation in 1956 and an early move to the international stage in the 1960’s, Woco’s focus changed from a parts producer to an innovative partner for intelligent problem solutions. Today Woco offers a portfolio ranging from idea to series-production. Woco comprises of locations in Europa, the NAFTA states and Asia, and realized a turnover of 710 Mio. Euro with 5.750 employees.

„Thanks to the collaboration with DFGE, our sustainability management is well prepared for a decarbonized world.”


Stronger CSR requirements

Like many other automotive companies, Woco is confronted with stronger CSR requirements: More and more of the large automotive producers (OEMs) obligate their suppliers to participate in sustainability platforms or to publish sustainability KPIs. In some cases, sustainability performance also contributes to the supplier evaluation during the order placement, a fact which provides additional incentives for a sustainability commitment.

Goal of the collaborative project of Woco and DFGE was to establish a general framework for Woco’s sustainability activities and to profit from synergies between several sustainability initiatives. Through the calculation of a corporate carbon footprint, a solid data foundation was laid for the reporting through a sustainability report and a CDP (carbon disclosure project) participation; furthermore, the establishment of a Science Based Target (SBT) should indicate a future path leading to a reduction of emissions in accordance with the worldwide 2°C goal.


Various synergies

First, Woco’s corporate Carbon Footprint was calculated, providing an important KPI basement for all CSR activities. Through the application of the DFGE TopDown approach, the effort was minimized, even though all international locations were included as well. Based on the results of this calculation, DFGE supported Woco in filling in the CDP questionnaire and also assisted the creation of the first sustainability report in accordance to the GRI standard.

In the second year, the CDP results were analysed and an improvement plan was decided. Again, DFGE could support Woco during the collection of all relevant data (update of the Carbon Footprint) and during completion of the CDP questionnaire. Furthermore, the common activities were expanded and Woco also completed the CDP Water questionnaire for the first time, an initiative which is quickly gaining importance in the automotive sector. Eventually, based on the corporate carbon footprint, company-wide emission reduction targets which fulfil the demanding criteria of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), i.e. are in accordance with the worldwide 2°C target could be established.


Achievement of Climate Neutrality

Through the combination of different sustainability activities, Woco could benefit from various synergies: The calculation of the carbon footprint, for instance, delivered sound numbers for an effective management of emissions, and the results can be used for the sustainability reporting and CDP. On the other hand, these numbers could be used for the establishment of Science Based Targets (SBT), while the resulting ambitious emission reduction targets help to improve the CDP score. Conclusion: A successful collaboration, and a consistent sustainability approach.

“The pragmatic yet diligent DFGE approach was the right thing for the structurization of our sustainability approach – this really helped us minimizing our effort! Therefore, we will continue this successful collaboration.”
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