The journey of the swabian family-owned company to a transparent and valid ESG Strategy

Customer: Arburg GmbH + Co KG

Category: Mechanical Engineering

Date: April 2023

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ARBURG is a traditional, third-generation family-owned company headquartered in Germany and is one of the leading suppliers of injection moulding machines for plastics, additive manufacturing systems, and turnkey systems. Customers come from the automotive and packaging industries, communications and consumer electronics, medical technology, and the household appliance sector, amongst others. With 3600 employees in 26 countries, the company generated sales of 875 million euros in 2022. Despite its global presence, local ties to the Black Forest have never been lost and the central production site is located in Lossburg (Germany). The company is celebrating its centenary this year.

Sustainability has always been a part ARBURG’s identity. With the aim of further consolidating the existing efforts and targets, and in preparation for future challenges, ARBURG has engaged the DFGE in 2020 for the calculation of its Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) for Scope 1,2, and 3. Furthermore, DFGE supports the participation in CDP‘s Climate Supply Chain Rating Program. In addition to the CCF and CDP participation, DFGE has been assisting ARBURG since 2022 with the EcoVadis assessment, as well as the validation of Science Based Targets (SBTs) to achieve a holistic CO₂ reduction along the complete value chain. In 2022 the development of an ESG strategy covering the areas of environment, social & corporate governance and preparing the company for the challenges of the upcoming CSRD, was commissioned

“As a future-oriented family company, sustainable business has always been firmly anchored in our DNA. We feel a strong commitment to sustainable, resource-conserving, and people-oriented business today and in the future. The strategy of globally centralized and resource-saving production of high-quality technology products been the basis of our successful actions. In DFGE, we have found an experienced partner who provides us with professional support and accompanies us in this endeavor.”




Continuously Growing Customer Requirements

Before working with DFGE, ARBURG has already shown a big interest in environmental protection. Ranging from the company’s internal arburgGREENworld program to the regional procurement and production strategy. In particular, many efforts have already been made in environmental management and energy matters (photovoltaics, geothermal energy), which were recognized by ISO 14001 and 50001.


Besides environmental measures, ARBURG had also already initiated numerous actions in the social realm in order to bind employees to the company in the long term. Despite the existing efforts, the stakeholder requirements have risen rapidly in recent years. Therefore, ARBURG took a step forward towards a holistic ESG strategy.


CCF, CDP, EcoVadis, ESG-Strategie & SBT

All projects were carried out in close cooperation with ARBURG to achieve results that meet the individual requirements and to introduce ARBURG appropriately to the respective topic without generating a disproportionate amount of work on the part of ARBURG.

Since 2020, DFGE has supported ARBURG in the calculation of the CCF. All projects were completed with a detailed result report and a final result presentation including recommendations for action. We are pleased to support ARBURG again this year with the calculation of the CCF.

The CCFs form an important basis for further cooperation. For instance, for the participation in CDP. With the help of DFGE, as an official CDP Silver Climate Change Consultancy Partner, ARBURG has been able to achieve and maintain a CDP Score B in recent years, despite the constantly increasing requirements. With this result, ARBURG exceeded the global and European average of each respective year, as well as that of its own industry. The results were further analyzed by DFGE and recommendations for improvement were given. We are looking forward to the next years.

In 2022, ARBURG participated in EcoVadis for the first time. In order to keep the effort for the company as low as possible, the complete questionnaire was completed by DFGE in close coordination with ARBURG. ARBURG received a silver medal with a very good score of 65 points. The company performed particularly well in the environmental field. This places ARBURG in the upper range of the top 25% in 2022, as well as in the top 4% of its industry and for the environmental aspects even in the top 1%. We are confident that we will be able to improve this result even further this year.

The lighthouse project in 2022 was the development of a holistic ESG strategy, which today serves as the basis for the company’s strategic orientation. This was not only ARBURG’s wish but was also carried out in order to ensure conformity with future regulations and stakeholder demands. However, ARBURG was pursuing far more ambitious goals and wanted to play a pioneering role in the transformation of the business world. The first step in the project was to determine the status quo of the company by analyzing its previous efforts in the area of ESG and an identification of the regulations relevant to the company. Subsequently, a materiality analysis, stakeholder surveys, CCF hotspot analysis, and an ESG trend analysis were carried out – based on micro- and macroeconomic studies. In close cooperation, targets and recommendations for action were derived. At the end of the project, a vision, ambition, and ESG roadmap were developed.

ARBURG’s current project is the development of science-based targets. DFGE calculated SBT-compliant target corridors based on the Corporate Carbon Footprint from 2021. The final targets were jointly agreed upon and subsequently submitted by DFGE. Currently, the project is in the target validation process and awaiting validation from the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which is expected to be completed this summer. ARBURG aims to be compliant with the 1.5°C target by 2030. Therefore, the company has committed to reducing its Scopes 1 & 2 emissions by 42% by 2030 compared to 2021 and Scope 3 emissions by 25% in the same timeframe. As a next step, DFGE recommends setting a Net Zero target.


From “Reactive” to “Proactive” Sustainability Management

The CCF has given ARBURG a better understanding and accurate overview of their emissions and their origin. The annual calculation of the CCF enables ARBURG to determine individualized emission reduction strategies and to track the impact of implemented measures. Many targeted and prioritized measures have already been initiated as part of the development of an ESG strategy. In addition, ARBURG has set verified, official, and scientifically based targets (SBTs) for reducing its emissions. Furthermore, the CCF has created the basis for the participation in CDP and EcoVadis. Today, the target-beating, very good results of a CDP B rating and an EcoVadis silver medal provide transparency about ARBURG’s sustainability efforts, as well as in its value chain. We congratulate on this success! Moreover, thanks to ARBURG’s strategic orientation, the company is now prepared for the relevant regulations of the upcoming years and is well ahead of many of its competitors. We look forward to continuing to accompany ARBURG on this ambitious path.

“We have been expressing a high level of commitment to sustainability for decades. Thanks to DFGE, however, we can now also report transparently on this to our stakeholders and have achieved a rating that reflects our efforts. Furthermore, we can identify measures to reduce our emissions, as well as other aspects of sustainability. We have also developed a corresponding implementation plan. At ARBURG, we are now working entirely in the spirit of ESG. DFGE’s cross-project expertise and many years of experience have benefited us immensely in our range of projects. In addition, we have learned from DFGE’s structured work and detailed analyses and explanations over the past few years and are confident that we will be able to achieve even better results in the future through adjustments that have already been initiated, and that we will be able to make a major, comprehensive contribution in the field of ESG.”


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