Carglass GmbH and the CSR-Roadmap 2025

Customer: Carglass GmbH

Category: Services

Date: September 2021

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Carglass GmbH is one of the leading automotive glass specialists in Germany. They are experts in the repair and replacement of vehicle windows and stand for safety, reliability and the highest quality standards. With over 370 service centres, 1,600 vehicle glass experts and 240 mobile units, Carglass GmbH is represented throughout Germany.

In February 2021, DFGE had the pleasure to support Carglass GmbH again on their sustainability journey with a solution to reach a high EcoVadis score.

Leonardo Quintero Stollwerck,

CSR Manager Carglass GmbH

Participating in EcoVadis is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our great developments and performances in corporate social responsibility. Core is our materiality process with the CSR-Roadmap 2025 and our policies to ensure sustainable strategy and operations. At Carglass we rely on a strong tradition in sustainability beginning with our repair first strategy and our sustainability management systems to detect the right gaps for improving in our four main topics: supply chain, people, environment and society. We appreciated the help of DFGE’s experts. Their scientific approach guided us to the next level in EcoVadis”


Identifying the latest Improvement Areas

Carglass GmbH has a score of 69/100 by EcoVadis and a gold medal, meaning it is part of the top 5% best companies. The challenges lie in identifying the latest improvement areas to reach such a score – these latest are the hardest to implement.


Gap Analysis, Workshops & Action Plan

DFGE identified the recent improvement areas for Carglass GmbH to implement through an in-depth gap analysis and a presentation of the results in a dedicated workshop, in which the full sustainability team of Carglass GmbH participated. The workshop offered the opportunity to present the EcoVadis current developments in terms of methodology and explaining the weighting principles.

Not every action has the same impact and sometimes mechanisms can help the companies prioritizing their actions. The latest improvement areas were discussed in detail and decided upon – for example, to score “Advanced” reporting, Carglass GmbH needed to have their report either verified by an external party or following an international standard, which is the case for the 2021 report as it follows GRI.


Improving Carglass EcoVadis Performance

As a result, and with the help of DFGE, Carglass GmbH drafted an action plan to address the latest improvements areas and planned six months to implement them before the new assessment. We look forward to Carglass GmbH and congratulate them on their efforts on improving their performance to EcoVadis and taking the sustainability journey further. DFGE is happy to support them in all their future endeavours!

Leonardo Quintero Stollwerck,

CSR Manager Carglass GmbH

“Sustainability is a part of who we are and an ongoing strategic priority. With real care we are making the difference for our customers, our people, our shareholders, our society and environment. A high ecovadis rating represents our outstanding corporate social responsibility performance. It makes us proud and grateful to have DFGE at our side as a partner for a good EcoVadis preparation.”
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