Introduction of Carbon Management with CCF as a basis

Customer: CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG

Category: Healthcare

Datue: February 2023

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Since 1987, what is now CompuGroup Medical (CGM) has been working towards the vision of a digitized healthcare system. Since then, they have been relentlessly driving the development of new and crucial technologies to support and improve the work and lives of healthcare professionals and citizens. As an actively shaping player in healthcare with a global customer base, they see their responsibility to people’s health as part of their corporate DNA.

Health in general and, in particular, the networking of health-related information are at the heart of their activities. In addition, as a part of society, they take responsibility beyond the healthcare sector. They recognize their responsibility and want to help slowing climate change and protecting the environment. In 2022, they have developed a concept that sets out their path to climate neutrality. This includes global measurements of meaningful key figures as well as dedicated measures to achieve their goals. In doing so, they have found DFGE to be a competent partner.

“Environment and climate protection are of essential, global importance and of course also a strategic focus topic for us. We quickly decided that we could achieve more with professional support, and with DFGE we have found the right partner who can support us with its decades of experience in life cycle assessment, sustainability reporting and CSR.”


Expansion of the company’s Sustainability Strategy

Climate change will increasingly put our healthcare system to the test. Particularly extreme weather events have direct and immediate impacts that are often felt in inpatient and outpatient settings. Yet reliable healthcare for citizens remains essential. This is where CGM comes in by offering and distributing medical software solutions for the healthcare industry (hospitals, pharmacies, and more).

In addition to providing the digital infrastructure, it is important to CGM to move to the most sustainable level possible in the long term as part of its business operations. Equally important to the Group is the future recording of company-wide emissions data and the introduction of a carbon management system. In this way, further optimization possibilities and emission savings potentials are to be identified and the environmental impact is to be noticeably reduced.


Validated Carbon Footprint as a prerequisite for Carbon Management

At the beginning, it was necessary to determine the figures and KPIs required for the Corporate Carbon Footprint. Furthermore, the main task was to find out which emission data could be obtained with which effort and which of these data would ultimately be given the greatest weighting. This is exactly what CompuGroup Medicals would like to focus on in the future. In creating the Corporate Carbon Footprint, an individual solution was then developed for CGM. The basis for this is the ACCoRD scheme (Analyze, Collect, Compose, Review, and Document).

In order to achieve the long-term goal of carbon neutrality, CGM decided to create a climate strategy already this year (2023). In doing so, CGM follows the recommendation based on the results of the Corporate Carbon Footprint to consider Scope 1+2 and Scope 3 separately in the future to exploit the full potential of the planned climate strategy. For example, reduction measures for green electricity and e-mobility are to be planned and initiated to reduce Scope 1+2 emissions. Furthermore, it is planned to improve the general data quality to be able to identify future reduction measures at an early stage and to take their effects into account in the calculation of the carbon footprint.


Reliable figures thanks to Carbon Footprint Database

The Corporate Carbon Footprint database for CGM forms the basis for a major superordinate project on group-wide carbon management. In addition to the CCF database, DFGE was able to clarify many technical details for CGM.

Thanks to the calculation of the corporate carbon footprint, CompuGroup Medicals now has a reliable set of figures for effective emissions management, and the results can also be used in the future sustainability report. Thus, the project forms the foundation for future joint projects that will underline CGM’s sustainability efforts and demonstrably reduce the environmental impact.

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