Technische Werke Ludwigshafen are getting individual support for the EcoVadis assessment

Customer: Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG

Category: Energy

Date: October 2018

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Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG (hereinafter referred to as TWL) is a municipal utility company that has been responsible for the reliable supply of energy and water to the city of Ludwigshafen for more than 100 years now. In relation to the energy transition, TWL is transforming its core business towards a sustainable management and corporate behaviour step by step.

“As a regional utility company with deep connections to Ludwigshafen, we naturally have a great deal to do with the region, the people and our environment. We are responsible for supplying energy and water to thousands of households. That is why sustainable business practices are not only in the interest of TWL AG as a company, but also of each individual employee. “


Collection of the knowledge related to EcoVadis

TWL was requested by stakeholders to participate in the EcoVadis Assessment 2018. As there had been hardly in-house experience in the implementation of EcoVadis so far, but the complexity of the assessment was well known by the management board, it was decided to give this task to external consultants with an appropriate expertise. The focus here should be mainly on a transparent process and the parallel

participation and training of the responsible TWL employees. For this purpose, in contrast to the EcoVadis Complete package of the DFGE, some tasks were handled by TWL with the support of the DFGE. This led to a very close cooperation of the experts of the DFGE and the responsible processors of TWL.


Sustainability Intelligence as an important factor reaching the goal

An initial analysis of current CSR tools at TWL showed that the published sustainability report according to ‘The Sustainability Code’ requirements provided a good foundation of information for direct use. This synergetic effect, which occur almost always in relation to CSR assessments, reports and rankings, is part of

DFGE’s own sustainability intelligence approach. In close cooperation with TWL, a conclusive data collection with the key departments of TWL could be carried out in a short time.


Successful learning process

With the support of the DFGE, TWL achieved a silver status rating in its first EcoVadis Assessment, making it one of the top 30%. This is a remarkable achievement for a large company with complex structures.Therefore, TWL has now created an optimal starting point for carrying out targeted measures to close CSR gaps in the future and thus to gradually improve them.

“Collaboration with DFGE experts was characterized by a structured approach, clear prioritization of tasks, and detailed explanations of each step. As a result, we were accompanied in an optimal way in order to understand the EcoVadis Assessment and in order to be able to handle it independently in the future. During the whole project we had a contact person available at any time, who provided fast and pragmatic solutions for all kinds of questions.”

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