Expansion of the CSR Management System

Customer: Ultrapolymers Deutschland GmbH

Category: Manufacturing

Date: September 2021

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Ultrapolymers Deutschland GmbH, based in Augsburg, Germany, is a pan-European distributor for industry-leading polymer manufacturers and has become one of the largest distributors of plastics. With a large trading network of subsidiaries and warehouses in numerous countries, Ultrapolymers offers a comprehensive product portfolio of standard and engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and synthetic rubbers.

Ultrapolymers Deutschland GmbH aimed to improve their EcoVadis assessment towards the bronze medal and engaged DFGE to support them on their sustainability journey with a science-based solution to achieve the score.

“Here at Ultrapolymers Germany, we prove that sustainable business and CSR are not dependent on company size. Our nearly 300 employees are spread across more than 30 locations in almost all European countries – this of course makes it difficult to record and evaluate CSR KPIs. This is where DFGE was and is a great and valuable help for us.”


Successful Participation in the EcoVadis Assessment

For the first time, Ultrapolymers set itself the goal of achieving Bronze Status in the Eco-Vadis Assessment. The challenge was to comprehensively present the performance and activities of

Ultrapolymers Deutschland GmbH in the area of corporate sustainability in order to optimize the evaluation in the upcoming assessment.


Gap Analyse, Workshops & Action Plan

In the first step, DFGE identified the current improvement areas for Ultrapolymers Deutschland GmbH through a comprehensive gap analysis. The results of the analysis were discussed in a special

workshop attended by the Ultrapolymers project team. In addition, an improvement plan was jointly developed from January to the end of March 2021.


Ensuring successful EcoVadis Participation

Part of the project was the development and response of the EcoVadis assessment for Ultrapolymers complete and turnkey implementation. As the first official EcoVadis partner in the DACH region, DFGE has the opportunity to support its customers and their supply chain in the best possible way with EcoVadis participation. We are happy that Ultrapolymers trusted in our support and wish Ultrapolymers to be just as successful in future sustainability endeavors.

“Participating in EcoVadis is not a trivial project. It’s not just about avoiding CO2 emissions but above all about identifying weak points early on and optimizing them. Being able to rely on DFGE’s support at all times has made our undertaking much easier.”
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