CDP Results 2021

CDP Climate Change, Water and Forest 2021 results published

The newest CDP assessment results for 2021, published on December 7, provide a clear insight into the development of corporate transparency and the willingness by companies across the globe to undertake environmental action. This year a record-breaking 13,000+ companies reported their environmental data through CDP, submitting at least one of the available questionnaires (Climate Change,…

CDP Net Zero

Net-Zero Guidelines and CDP

Slowly moving away from the COVID-19 lethargy and processing the latest IPCC report, the climate crisis has been omnipresent during the past couple of months. To limit global warming to 1.5°C, many countries have committed to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reaching Net-Zero. This however requires a comprehensive transformation across politics and all economic…


How to correctly calculate a company´s indirect Scope 3 emissions

Until recently, companies have focused on estimating their own operational emissions under Scope 1 and 2. But setting emission reduction targets throughout the complete value chain is increasingly becoming a new business norm to mitigate potential risks and highlight a comprehensive approach towards supply chain partners and suppliers for creating beneficial synergies. So not only direct scope 1 from owned or controlled sources, and indirect scope 2 emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling consumed by the reporting company, also all other indirect up- and downstream Scope 3 emissions along the value chain, which present a substantial part of a company´s GHG emissions, gain increasingly more attention from businesses.

Global Risk Report 2021

Global Risk Report 2021

To achieve its targets and align with the company´s vision and mission it is inevitable for an organization to take potential risks and opportunities into consideration. Since companies´ risks are embedded and in context with worldwide risks, topics which are regarded as worldwide pressing issues are at the same time company risks. Recently, the new Global Risks Report 2021 was published and provides an overview and estimation about the most pressing risks (WEF, 2021). To address current risks and recognize opportunities coming from them, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) serves as a tool which supports companies to identify, assess and respond to climate-related risks and opportunities (CDP, 2021).

photo of iceberg as visual for the blog post about cop25

COP25: Keine wesentlichen Fortschritte beim globalen Klimaschutz

Am 15. Dezember endete die diesjährige UN-Klimakonferenz, der COP25, ohne größere Fortschritte hinsichtlich der Finalisierung des Klimaabkommens von Paris verbuchen zu können. Wesentliche Entscheidungen wurden auf das kommende Jahr bzw. die nächste Konferenz vertagt. Hintergründe zur COP25 Die UN-Klimakonferenz bzw. (Welt-)Klimagipfel (engl.: United Nations Climate Change Conference) ist die jährlich stattfindende Vertragsstaatenkonferenz (Conference of the…