SSBTi Progress Report 2021

SBTi Progress Report 2021

The Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) experienced exponential growth over the last year in terms of companies committing to reduce their emissions in line with a 1.5°C pathway to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. In 2021, the number of companies that set and committed to science-based targets has doubled. In addition to that,…

Climate Neutral France

France intensifies requirements for “climate neutral” as product designation

In the wake of the increasing impact of climate change, many firms have started to sell their products as “climate neutral”. For companies, this means at first reducing their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and then, fully offsetting the remaining emissions.But different countries have different requirements in this regard. In France, the Law to Combat Climate Change and Strengthen Resilience to its Impacts was passed demands much stricter regulation regarding the advertising of products with the label “climate neutral”. Discover how to market your products in compliance with French regulation.

CDP Response Check

CDP Response Check 2022

Are you looking for quick feedback before submitting your CDP response? Then you might consider a CDP response check by DFGE. CDP deadline approaching Again, thousands of companies were asked to report in the CDP Climate Change Program this year. The requests came from both investors and customers. Companies are required to answer a variety…