Lukas has been part of the DFGE team since 2022. He completed his Master's degree in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and his Master's thesis focused on the carbon and water footprints of a potential avocado industry in Central Europe. As part of the DFGE project management team, he assists companies in calculating greenhouse gas balances (carbon footprints). He likes to spend his free time with friends, cooking or in the mountains.

Product Carbon Footprint Tool

Understanding Product Carbon Footprint – A short Dive into Standards & Verification, Tools and industry-driven Initiatives

With environmental consciousness at an all-time high, businesses and individuals alike are striving to understand and reduce their carbon footprints. One essential aspect of this endeavor is the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). This article will introduce PCF, look into the standards that guide its calculation, explore verification processes, and shortly introduce tools to calculate carbon…

CDP Response Check

CDP Response Check 2022

Are you looking for quick feedback before submitting your CDP response? Then you might consider a CDP response check by DFGE. CDP deadline approaching Again, thousands of companies were asked to report in the CDP Climate Change Program this year. The requests came from both investors and customers. Companies are required to answer a variety…

Climate Action

Climate Action: The Disconnect between Ambition and Impact

Ambition In late 2021, a global survey from Deloitte asked over 2000 CxOs across 21 countries about their motivation to tackle climate change, the ambition of their organizations and the impact of their actions. The survey showed the following results relating to the motivation behind climate action: Approximately two-thirds of executives answered their organizations are…