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Customer: Siemens Energy

Category: Energy

Date: Oktober 2022


Siemens Energy occupies a leading market position in the field of power engineering worldwide thanks to its expertise. Siemens Energy is making numerous efforts to live up to this responsibility, especially with regard to reducing global CO2e emissions.

Among other things, Siemens Energy worked with DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economics in 2021 to develop SBTi climate protection targets that underscore the company’s climate protection ambitions. In addition, DFGE supported Siemens Energy in its first participation in CDP in 2021, in which the company was rewarded with a B score. In order to improve the score in the future, DFGE also supported Siemens Energy in the following year 2022 in analyzing the CDP improvement potentials and prepared for the renewed CDP participation in 2022.

“The presentation and gap analysis provided during the project were again very helpful to us in answering the questionnaire this year. We also received important information on future CDP requirements, so that we can already proactively plan appropriate measures here.”


Identification of improvement potentials

As a global leader in energy technology, Siemens Energy’s sustainability efforts are particularly in the focus of public attention. For this reason, it should be ensured that when answering the CDP questionnaire, the answers adequately reflect the company’s efforts and activities performed in the field of sustainability. Due to the annually changing requirements as well as revision of the CDP Climate Questionnaire, Siemens Energy will face new requirements when answering the 2022 questionnaire.

Likewise, the 2021 CDP assessment with a B score leaves room for improvement and identification of improvement potential. The challenge was to prepare Siemens Energy for the changes in the 2022 CDP questionnaire as well as to identify potential improvements from the 2021 CDP scoring.


Customized support from DFGE

As an official CDP Climate Change Consultancy Partner, DFGE has years of experience supporting clients regarding participation in the CDP Climate Questionnaire. In order to identify both the improvement potentials from the 2021 CDP ranking and the new requirements of the 2022 CDP Climate Questionnaire, DFGE conducted a detailed analysis of the existing answers from 2021 and compared them with the new CDP Climate Questionnaire for 2022.

This allowed the identification of gaps, areas for improvement, and new questions to be answered. The results of this analysis were subsequently communicated in a workshop with the responsible persons at Siemens Energy.


DFGE support enables optimal preparation

This approach meant that Siemens Energy was optimally prepared for independent participation in CDP reporting, as DFGE’s support not only meant that they were familiar with the new requirements of the 2022 CDP Kima questionnaire, but also that they could aim for a higher scoring in the 2022 CDP ranking by identifying the gaps and potential for improvement.

At the same time, Siemens Energy was able to improve its climate efforts once again and thus live up to its responsibility as a global market leader in the field of energy technology.

About Siemens Energy AG

Siemens Energy AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, was created on April 1, 2020 through a restructuring of the Siemens Group. The company offers products, solutions and services along the entire energy value chain. Siemens Energy operates in both the conventional and renewable energy sectors.

As a global leader in this field, Siemens Energy has made it its mission not only to meet the growing energy needs of its customers worldwide, but also to promote the transition to a sustainable economy, thus making its responsible contribution as a global company. Siemens Energy demonstrates this through the development of innovative technologies, its extensive years of expertise in the energy sector, and its ambitious decarbonization strategy of global energy systems, making it a key driver of the energy transition.

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