Global Risk Report 2021

Global Risk Report 2021

To achieve its targets and align with the company´s vision and mission it is inevitable for an organization to take potential risks and opportunities into consideration. Since companies´ risks are embedded and in context with worldwide risks, topics which are regarded as worldwide pressing issues are at the same time company risks. Recently, the new Global Risks Report 2021 was published and provides an overview and estimation about the most pressing risks (WEF, 2021). To address current risks and recognize opportunities coming from them, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) serves as a tool which supports companies to identify, assess and respond to climate-related risks and opportunities (CDP, 2021).

SBT for Nature

SBTs for Nature – Guidance Extension with the Global Goal for Nature – “Nature Positive”

The ecosystem has benefited humanity for millennia by protecting from floods, regulating diseases and pests, absorbing and transforming carbon-dioxide, maintaining habitats and, above all, providing food and water. But the IPBES, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services warns, that the failure to protect ecosystems would lead to catastrophic consequences for people and nature.…

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Nachhaltigkeit und Klimawandel – Wichtige Megatrends, die Unternehmen kennen sollten

Der Zukunftsforscher John Naisbitt prägte 1982 den Begriff „Megatrends“. Für Unternehmen ist es von Bedeutung, Megatrends zu kennen und sich auf diese einzustellen, um im Wettbewerb mit anderen zu bestehen (Krys 2017:45). Megatrends werden in der Literatur uneinheitlich definiert. Gemeinsam haben die Definitionen, dass es sich um Veränderungen handelt, welche tiefgreifende und nachhaltige Auswirkungen auf…

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Climate Change and Urbanization

Why cities are so important to climate protection Two major megatrends are climate change and urbanization. The future researcher John Naisbitt coined the term “megatrends” in 1982. Megatrends are unevenly defined in the literature. All definitions agree that megatrends are changes that have profound and lasting effects on society, economics, politics and technology. Megatrends have…

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CDP questionnaire 2018

CDP questionnaire 2018 published CDP has published the 2018 questionnaire for their programs CDP Climate Change, CDP Water and CDP Forests. The online versions can be accessed here, PDF and Word versions can also be created and exported via that page. The questionnaire experienced far-reaching changes compared to previous years. Prior to the reorientation according to the…

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TCFD: recommendations on climate related financial disclosures now available!

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is developing voluntary, consistent climate-related financial risk disclosures for use by companies in providing information to investors, lenders, insurers, and other stakeholders. TCFD’s 32 members include both users and preparers of disclosures from across the G20’s constituency covering a broad range of economic sectors and financial markets.…

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Assessing Low-Carbon Transition: The ACT framework

The CDP and the ADEME have launched the ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon Transition) project, defining a new rating regarding climate change management. The methodology will assess the transition of companies towards a low-carbon economy. What is the ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon Transition) framework? ACT, or Assessing Low-Carbon Transition, is a methodology developed by CDP and ADEME to…