CDP Response Check

CDP Response Check 2022

Are you looking for quick feedback before submitting your CDP response? Then you might consider a CDP response check by DFGE. CDP deadline approaching Again, thousands of companies were asked to report in the CDP Climate Change Program this year. The requests came from both investors and customers. Companies are required to answer a variety…

S&P Global CSA 2022

S&P Global CSA 2022

The S&P Global questionnaires for CSA 2022 will open on April 5, 2022 (DJSI) and May 5, 2022 (ESG Indices). Due to the growing interest of stakeholders in sustainability and climate change, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to make their sustainability efforts transparent. In addition to sustainability reports with environmental, social, and governance…

CDP Europe Awards 2022

Am Mittwoch, den 10.03.2022 fand das alljährliche CDP Europe Awards 2022 statt. Wie im letzten Jahr, fand die zweistündige Veranstaltung virtuell statt und konnte sowohl auf der Webseite von CDP, als auch bei Euronews verfolgt werden. Hierbei wurden die diesjährigen A-List Kandidaten des CDP Ratings gefeiert. Da die Teilnehmer wie im letzten Jahr nicht vor…

CDP Results 2021

CDP Climate Change, Water and Forest 2021 results published

The newest CDP assessment results for 2021, published on December 7, provide a clear insight into the development of corporate transparency and the willingness by companies across the globe to undertake environmental action. This year a record-breaking 13,000+ companies reported their environmental data through CDP, submitting at least one of the available questionnaires (Climate Change,…

CDP Water

CDP increasingly focuses on water-related topics

Every life on our planet is dependent on the well-functioning of the marine ecosystem. But water resources and marine ecosystems are endangered. Since businesses emit a large amount of greenhouse gases, they are largely responsible for this heating. To make companies accountable and address the urgent need to protect the water and marine resources, CDP included new water-related questions into its questionnaires.