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CDP Scores 2023

Yesterday, on February 6th the 2023 CDP scores were published, providing crucial insights into companies’ environmental performance. The Significance of CDP Scores The CDP scores serve as a comprehensive assessment of companies’ environmental performance, covering areas such as carbon emissions, climate change resilience,  water and deforestation management. By evaluating companies’ efforts in managing climate change,…

CDP 2022 Ergebnisse

What we learn from CDP 2022 scores

CDP questionnaires and publication of results CDP (formerly “Carbon Disclosure Project”) is an independent organization that conducts annual assessments of companies’ environmental impact worldwide. For this purpose, CDP collects and evaluates data from participating companies. The information is obtained from three detailed sector-specific questionnaires (Climate Change, Water and Forest) that companies are requested to complete.…

Carbon Removal Guidance

GHG Protocol Carbon Removals Guidance – Draft for Pilot Testing and Review

Why do we need carbon removals? According to current science, such as the IEA (International Energy Agency) and the latest report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), carbon removals are critical to addressing climate change. Reductions in emissions are essential, but not sufficient to stay below the 1.5 degree. Therefore, it becomes clear…

EU Taxonomy: European Comission declares nuclear and gas to be green

The EU Taxonomy is a regulatory classification tool that helps investors, companies and financial institutions to define environmentally sustainable economic activities. It sets standardized requirements under which conditions corporate activities can be considered sustainable. The taxonomy does not ban investments in activities not labelled “green”, but it limits which ones companies and investors can claim…

CF by push on a button

Carbon Footprint at the push of a button?

Since calculating corporate carbon footprints (CCF) is complex, companies increasingly implement all-in-one software solutions. Such softwares promise high effectiveness but often fail. Therefore, companies are better advised with hiring experts for the CCF calculation. DFGE’s new Customer Sustainability Platform is the perfect tool for clients who aim for holistic and effective CCF calculation.