CF by push on a button

Carbon Footprint at the push of a button?

Since calculating corporate carbon footprints (CCF) is complex, companies increasingly implement all-in-one software solutions. Such softwares promise high effectiveness but often fail. Therefore, companies are better advised with hiring experts for the CCF calculation. DFGE’s new Customer Sustainability Platform is the perfect tool for clients who aim for holistic and effective CCF calculation.

CSR & Finance

CSR & Finance

What’s the ROI of CSR? In the corporate world of hard (monetary) facts and figures this question is raised quite a lot – especially from high level executives. It might be argued that “doing good things” always makes sense. But in the end many activities and decisions are also investment decisions. Corporate Social Responsibility in…

picture of a sunset in winter visualizing the article about Nachhaltigkeits policy

Constitution of a ’Sustainability Policy’

This blog article briefly discusses the framework conditions as well as possible measures for drafting a ‘Sustainability Policy’ and makes a point of reference to the EcoVadis sustainability assessment platform. Short introduction – what is a ‘Sustainability Policy’? A ‘Sustainability Policy’ sets a defined framework and limits the necessary actions to achieve the goals in…

DFGE and CDP members

Interaktiver Workshop zu Science Based Targets

Am 21.09.2016 veranstaltete die DFGE als Partner der „Fachkonferenz Verantwortung“ (#fkv16) gemeinsam mit dem CDP einen Workshop zum Thema „Mehr als ein Fußabdruck: Klimareporting mit wissenschaftsbasierten Zielen“. In einer interaktiven Session diskutierten die gut 25 Teilnehmer aus verschiedensten Unternehmen 3 unterschiedliche Perspektiven zum Thema Science Based Targets (SBT). Die Science Based Targets sind auf einer…