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How NavVis Technology leads to Avoided Emissions

Mockup Tablet NavVis WhitepaperThis whitepaper examines the possible effects of innovative spatial mapping and software products on the amount of needed business trips in comparison to a business-as-usual scenario, looking at the example of an automotive OEM site project phase.

To understand the impact of its business on climate change, NavVis, a company producing mobile laser scanning device (NavVis VLX) and building digital twins of the reality capture data in a corresponding software platform (NavVis IVION), appointed DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy to measure the carbon footprint of its business. A further goal was to examine the possible positive or negative effect of its products towards the avoidance of GHG emissions by NavVis customers.

By downloading this study summary, you get to know why it is important to calculate a valid greenhouse gas emission inventory for a complete solutions portfolio.


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