CDP and Science-based Targets

Customer: Metro AG

Category: Trade / Wholesale

Date: August 2019

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METRO is a leading international wholesaler of food and nonfood assortments, specializing in the needs of hotels, restaurants and caterers (HoReCa) as well as independent traders. Sustainability is an essential part of all activities for METRO. In the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, METRO has been the industry leader for four years. The company operates in 36 countries and employs more than 150,000 people worldwide.

„DFGE has helped us to clearly structure the response to CDP and address the calculation of the complex emissions target. This has made our work much easier.“


CDP participation and complex emissions target

METRO AG has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2005. As with other listed companies, the sustainability services of METRO AG are particularly in the focus of public attention; therefore, when answering the CDP questionnaire, it should be ensured that the answers correspond to the efforts of METRO and reflect optimally the activities in this field.

In addition, METRO planned to extend the existing climate target by creating a science-based target (now approved) to underline its own ambitions and to pin down specific figures. The particular challenge here was the inclusion of indirect supply chain emissions, as METRO, as a trading company, maintains business relationships with a large number of suppliers and procures many thousands of products.


Tailored support

DFGE is an official CDP Climate Change Consultancy Partner and has years of experience helping customers answer the CDP Climate Questionnaire. First, the DFGE conducted a detailed analysis of last year’s response to identify gaps and potential for improvement. In a joint workshop, the results were discussed with the persons responsible at METRO AG and a prioritized implementation plan was worked out. The final questionnaire was then submitted for completeness, validity and plausibility before submitting a final check.

In preparation for the creation of the science-based emissions target, DFGE developed and examined several options for integrating the supply chain to comply with the requirements of the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). In a joint workshop, the variants were discussed and a timetable and task plan were prepared until implementation. The DFGE also developed a clear concept for indirect emissions, which enables the setting of a corresponding emission target. The DFGE accompanied METRO until the target was submitted to the SBTi.


Convincing result

Despite the questionnaire revised by CDP, Metro AG achieved an excellent CDP result with an “A-” and kept the standard of the past. The science-based emission target for direct and indirect emissions was directly recognized by the SBTi and will be publicly available on the SBTI website from October 2019.

„Thanks to the cooperation with the DFGE, we are well positioned for CDP and can focus on achieving the science-based emissions target in the coming years. A successful cooperation!“

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