Product Carbon Footprint Tool

Understanding Product Carbon Footprint – A short Dive into Standards & Verification, Tools and industry-driven Initiatives

With environmental consciousness at an all-time high, businesses and individuals alike are striving to understand and reduce their carbon footprints. One essential aspect of this endeavor is the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). This article will introduce PCF, look into the standards that guide its calculation, explore verification processes, and shortly introduce tools to calculate carbon…

GRI Certified Partner

DFGE further strengthens its competence with GRI Certified Sustainability Professionals

Sustainability reporting is growing at a rapid pace. Over the years, sustainability reporting has become more widespread globally, both in terms of geography and the number of sectors of industry. A recent report, “The KPMG Survey of Sustainability Reporting 2020,” found that 80% of companies (mid- and large-cap firms) worldwide report on their sustainability progress.…

Lieferkettengesetz Deutschland

Das neue Lieferkettengesetz für eine nachhaltige Globalisierung

Bis ein T-Shirt in der Europäischen Union in den Laden kommt, hat es nach Angaben des Bundesentwicklungsministeriums 18.000 Kilometer zurückgelegt. 80 Prozent des Welthandels gründen auf weltumspannenden Wertschöpfungsketten. Sie bilden die Existenzgrundlage für mehr als 450 Millionen Menschen. Aber oft leiden diejenigen am Anfang der Lieferkette, die für Europa Kleidung oder Nahrungsmittel herstellen, unter schlechten…


Green Power for the Energy Transition

Rapidly rising electricity prices and shortages on the market are leading companies to increasingly secure access to their own green electricity. With the increased demand for renewable energies, interest in so-called Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts is also growing. What is a Power Purchase Agreement ? Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are long-term electricity contracts between…

CF by push on a button

Carbon Footprint at the push of a button?

Since calculating corporate carbon footprints (CCF) is complex, companies increasingly implement all-in-one software solutions. Such softwares promise high effectiveness but often fail. Therefore, companies are better advised with hiring experts for the CCF calculation. DFGE’s new Customer Sustainability Platform is the perfect tool for clients who aim for holistic and effective CCF calculation.

CDP Water

CDP increasingly focuses on water-related topics

Every life on our planet is dependent on the well-functioning of the marine ecosystem. But water resources and marine ecosystems are endangered. Since businesses emit a large amount of greenhouse gases, they are largely responsible for this heating. To make companies accountable and address the urgent need to protect the water and marine resources, CDP included new water-related questions into its questionnaires.

EcoVadis Index 2019

EcoVadis Index

The background EcoVadis is a supply chain assessment which helps companies to understand and quantify sustainability risks within their supply chain. Unlike individual questionnaires or very specific ones like CDP, EcoVadis offers a standardised approach which is able to compare the performance of companies with entirely different profiles on a rating scale from 1 (bad)…