Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

We support you in fulfilling the CSRD

In the near future, the CSR reporting obligation will be replaced by the CSRD – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. In November 2022, the CSRD law was passed by the European Parliament and will subsequently be transposed into national law by the EU member states. The current plan is to introduce it in a phased model from January 2025 (reporting for the 2024 financial year). The CSRD, like the EU Taxonomy and the SFDR, is part of a larger “EU Sustainability Finance Framework” that incorporates sustainability factors from different levels of the economy.

At DFGE, we help you capture and validate the essential information in the upcoming CSRD. As a complete package or modularly for your management report, your annual report or for your non-financial report on your website.

What you need to know about CSRD …


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CSRD Readiness

Where does your company currently stand and what requirements do you have to fulfill for CSRD reporting obligations and when? These and other questions worry all sustainability managers right now.

We evaluate the status quo with you, select and focus on the biggest gaps. Then, we create a prioritized roadmap to address the CSRD challenges in a timely manner. You can already use the results for preparation and internal discussion.

  • First Review
  • Short report & feedback
  • Roadmap
  • Error prevention
  • Follow-Up Call

Professional & Enterprise: From individual components to complete packages

Taking into account all the requirements of CSRD, the selected standards and other requirements on your part, we offer you comprehensive solutions.

Within the Professional Package, individual modules are selected according to your requirements. Perhaps you are already active in some areas – in this case we will be happy to help you expand and adapt to the CSRD guidelines. The Enterprise Package stands for a complete solution and includes all modules to achieve CSRD.

This reduces your internal effort to a minimum and allows you to focus on the continuous improvement of your identified sustainability areas.

ESG Governance / Guidelines / KPIs
Corporate Carbon Footprint
Risk and Opportunity Analysis (TCFD)
SBTs / Net Zero Targets
Materiality Analysis
Report after GRI / UNGC

Services: Individual & Modular

Our team takes care of the preparation and critical support of the CSRD reporting process according to the requirements of your company and the chosen reporting standard.

We accompany you in the preparation of your non-financial report – from the materiality analysis to determine the required topics, through the involvement of your stakeholders to internal data management.

Our team ensures holistic reporting and comes to a result quickly and in a target-oriented manner in intensive coordination with you. This ensures efficient and timely reporting.

  • Individual consulting
  • Analysis
  • Development of an improvement strategy
  • Implementation and concrete realization
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Your Advantages

Why you should turn to DFGE for CSRD

  • Many years of experience in preparing a sustainability report in accordance with ESG criteria and GRI as well as UN Global Compact requirements.
  • Save time and effort and use our expertise
  • Ability to adapt your report and sustainability management around the SDGs / Net Zero with our help
  • Experience in selecting and prioritizing the relevant climate risks and opportunities, as well as in creating climate-related scenario analyses
  • We can help you to make your supply chain accountable and support the companies concerned in the preparation of a sustainability report
  • Holistic customer support through our Sustainability Intelligence approach
  • We see ourselves as a coach, consultant and service provider – to minimize resources and effort on your side and still publish a sustainability report in compliance with the CSR Directive / CSRD.
  • Nor are we an advertising agency that makes your data prettier. Our roots are in research and this is how we still work today

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