Customer Sustainability Platform

The DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform – central und intelligent


CSR management has become complex: A wide variety of stakeholders ask for information, clients demand participation in specific sustainability reporting, and the recording of company-wide CO2 emissions extends into the supply chains. With the DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform, we put you, the customer, at the centre, because only company-specific CSR management is truly sustainable and can lead to carbon neutrality of products or the company.

The DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform acts as a central and intelligent hub for:

  • the life-cycle management of sustainability, where it lets you manage important data for acquisition and submission.
  • centralise and store all relevant data in a secure environment.
  • the calculations of Product and/or Corporate Carbon Footprints, which are increasingly based on SBTs and become dynamic through partial automation.
  • agile analysis and management of CSR activities and their impact on company-wide CO2 emissions.
  • the integration of your supply chains on your DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform.
“We see the future of sustainability management not in participating in isolated CSR reportings, but in a dynamic orchestration of all sustainability efforts that identifies opportunities for optimisation as well as risks early on and includes your company’s entire supply chain.”
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Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner, Founder & CEODFGE - Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy

Orchestration – The Customer Sustainability Platform

DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform

Core Platform


Secure and centralised information and data management forms the basis of the DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform. Only reliable and transparent data exchange enables fast, targeted action.

For the communication of your climate neutrality, for example, we have developed a separate module that enables all relevant information to be tracked by means of uniquely assigned tracking IDs. Furthermore, a separate customer page enables transparent and comprehensive information for your stakeholders.

Dashboards & Apps

DFGE dashboards and apps offer numerous options for holistic management of your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dashboards customised to your company make it easy to monitor your sustainability efforts and simplify the integration of your supply chain. Customised software solutions support you, for example, in determining the Product Carbon Footprint, from material selection of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to the final calculation of the Carbon Footprint. We develop solutions tailored to your needs so that effort and benefit are in the right balance.

AI & Third Party Data

Valid sustainability management has always been data driven.

The use of Artificial Intelligence, the pre-selection of relevant emission factors and the use of your specific company data as well as the integration of validated external data, such as that of your suppliers, makes the DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform particularly accurate and efficient. A reliable database prevents Green-Washing and also stands up to external audits.

External Ecosystem


Determining the appropriate and valid methods is the indispensable basis for any form of calculation, reporting and management. DFGE can support you every step of the way in CSR management and reporting. DFGE’s experts will select the appropriate methodological approaches and metrics for you to develop a specific and robust model. Depending on the requirements, specific key figures and emission factors are also created. In addition, we support you on the path to Climate Neutrality with a customised Climate Action Plan.

Reporting Standards

DFGE supports you in selecting and participating in various reporting and disclosure standards. With more than two decades of experience in the areas of Life Cycle Assessments, Sustainability Calculations and CSR, as an official CDP and certified EcoVadis partner, we are the choice both in terms of proven methodological knowledge of the standard and in terms of implementation experience in a large number of projects. In addition, in the area of CSR reporting, as a GRI Community Member and partner of the German Global Compact Network, DFGE is ideally prepared for current and future challenges. Thanks to our Sustainability Intelligence, we can help you to implement the dynamic requirements methodically and with little internal effort, even in the long term.

Software & Interfaces

Security and scalability are essential for holistic, IT-based CSR management. The DFGE Customer Sustainability Platform is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The use of standardised and validated methods is our company credo not only for the calculation of carbon footprints or SBTs, but also when it comes to building an IT infrastructure for your CSR management. The goal is always the greatest possible integration – also in possible existing systems.

Climate Neutrality Platform

As the only CDP partner of Science-based Targets in the DACH region, we offer you a holistic approach to Climate Strategy. To avoid Green-Washing, the projects carried out with DFGE can be transparently tracked on our platform.

Climate Neutrality Platform
Climate Neutrality Tracking
CCF Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

From material selection over Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to the final calculation of the Carbon Footprint. The DFGE tool takes care of the selection of the right emission factors and can be integrated into a customer-oriented Climate Strategy with a focus on the company-specific goals.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

CSR Dashboard & File Manager

In the DFGE CSR Dashboard, you can always see the current status of your company on the path to a Sustainable Economy or Climate Neutrality. The File Manager additionally optimises the timely exchange of data between your organisation and DFGE and accelerates processes on both sides.

Dashboard & File Manager
CSR Dashboard & File Manager

Your Advantages:

From a Management Perspective:

  • Central and intelligent collection and management of all data
  • Reduction of internally required resources in all process steps
  • Simple integration of your supply chain
  • Agile CSR management

High Quality:

  • Use of your company-specific data to avoid Green-Washing
  • Pre-selection of the right emission factors & use of valid external data
  • Calculation according to recognised standards e.g. ISO Standard, GHG Protocol, PAS 2060, SBTi criteria etc. and scientific methods
  • Projects certified according to international standards

For your Sustainability Management:

  • Scalable and secure platform
  • Tailored to the strategy and sustainability goals of your product/company
  • Solution-oriented approach to individual modules, according to your needs
  • Simple user administration for effective management
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