Comparing spend-based vs. weight-based approach

More accurate Greenhouse Gas Calculation using the TopDown weight-based Approach

Mockup Whitepapaer Spend-based vs. weight-based Approach

This study addresses the challenge of accurately assessing greenhouse gas emissions in the corporate value chain, particularly focusing on upstream sources.

While spend-based calculations are commonly used, they may lack in precision. To enhance accuracy and feasibility, a newly proposed weight-based top-down approach is investigated and compared to traditional spend-based standards. The study applies this new approach to a corporate carbon footprint analysis of chemical goods, comparing 8,500 products across 200 sub-categories and seven main purchasing categories.

In order to reduce the release of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary to use environmental impact assessments to identify areas where action is needed. But what are they? In this white paper you will find out what the study together with the University of Bayreuth has revealed.


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