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Founded 1999 as spin-off of the Technical University of Munich we work in the field of eco-balances, carbon footprints and CSR reporting for more than two decades. Regardless if you are an SMB or a global player with several hundred locations and despite if you are in the process of establishing your first CSR report or if you take part in international rankings: depending on your specific goals and strategy we offer you services which will facilitate your company’s way to sustainability.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions, rather than creating new problems. We want to get our customers off the ground so they can focus on what really matters: driving sustainability across the enterprise. And we’re always ready to take on new challenges that face our customers. “
T. Fleissner Portrait
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner, Gründer und CEODFGE

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Don´t take our word for it – Here´s what our clients say:

Advertising / Marketing

“Working with the DFGE has helped us structure our sustainability management and lay the foundation for our future CSR engagement.”
picture of Jörg Grube
Jörg Grube, CEOPresent Perfect GmbH
“Thanks to the DFGE, our first EcoVadis participation was a complete success – unreservedly recommended!”
Dr. Marcel Brinkmann, CEO und CFOWerbetechnik Art of Display GmbH


“Due to the structured and targeted approach, the process of data collection and calculation ran smoothly and quickly for all participants. Thanks to the expertise of DFGE, we were able to significantly improve our CSR reporting and thus our processes. In addition, the clear analysis helped us identify improvement areas and plan future measures for optimized sustainability management – also independently.

In the automotive industry which is increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues, our new CSR transparency has a very positive effect on our clients’ standing and reputation before other stakeholders. Many thanks for this and a great praise from our side!”

image showing a car wheel
Inna Pääkkönen, Corporate Counsel & Compliance OfficerSuperior Industries Europe (former Uniwheels AG)
“Working with the DFGE experts has always been characterized by a high degree of professionalism, reliability and most importantly, passion for the topic itself.”
picture of a driving car
Prof. Dr. Georg Stephan Barfuß, Sustainability ManagerDräxlmaier Group
“The customer requests for the CDP Climate and Water program have confronted us with major challenges. With the DFGE, we have found a partner that offers the calculation of the data, the strategic advice as well as the editing of the questionnaires from a single source.”
picture showing parts of a motor
Sabine Konrad-Schwämmlein, NachhaltigkeitsmanagementWoco Group
“The DFGE has accompanied us for the second time in answering the CDP Climate questionnaire.

Despite the challenges of the new questionnaire, we were able to maintain the good result of the previous year! “

image of parts of a motor
Ruediger Rieg, Corporate HSE ManagementMAHLE International GmbH

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

„As a family-owned company with a lean structure, we must use our capacities wisely. The top priority is the quality and effectiveness of our products – however, thanks to the full support of the DFGE, we were able to build up a truly workable sustainability management.“
Michael Kroll, Project LeaderOptima Pharmazeutische GmbH
“The Carbon Footprint calculation by DFGE has become one of basic elements for our successful CDP participation since 2014.”
Marcin Wilczyński, Reach & Sustainable Development ManagerPCC Exol SA

Construction Industry

“The cooperation with the DFGE was characterized from the beginning by high professionalism and competence. This allowed us to bundle all relevant information for CDP and identify significant potential for improvement in our climate and energy management.”
picture showing Georg Rekowski
Georg Rekowski, Expert PrequalificationPORR AG

Energy Industry

“The collaboration with DFGE experts was characterized by a structured approach, clear prioritization of tasks and detailed explanations of the individual steps. As a result, we were best accompanied on our way to understand the EcoVadis Assessment and managing it independently in the future. Throughout the entire duration of the project, we were always in contact with a responsible person who provided fast and pragmatic solutions to all kinds of questions.”
picture of a meeting
Sarah Skott, Corporate Development and Project Leader EcoVadis AssessmentsTechnische Werke Ludwigshafen AG

Fortune500 / DAX

“At the size of a company like Avnet, data collection and evaluation for a carbon footprint is extensive. With its method, the DFGE helped us to achieve a reliable calculation of emissions quickly on the one hand and transparently on the other hand. Based on the calculations, we now can set a realistic saving potential and continue to drive the implementation of specific measures worldwide forward.”
Georg Steinberger, ChairmanAvnet CSR Council

Packaging / Labeling Industry

“Through the critical review of the DFGE, the EcoVadis Response Check, we were able to concentrate on the essentials in the EcoVadis assessment – to reflect our CSR performance as realistically as possible. The external review of our completed questionnaire saved us a lot of time and prevented us from making unnecessary mistakes in the complex EcoVadis reporting.”
portrait of anne wiese
Dr. Anne Wiese, Manager Corporate ResponsibilityGLS Group
“With the support of the DFGE, we have been able to show our customers direct progress, this without much time or expense. We can now use the DFGE improvement strategy to decide which specific actions to implement next.”
image of a train station
Dominik Werth, Leader Quality ManagementX-Label GmbH

Recycling / Waste Industry

“Our customers are increasingly sending requests regarding our CSR strategy. Only by staying up-to-date and keeping evolving will we ensure that we are still chosen in the future. The DFGE experts have been supporting us with high-quality work for years, so we have confirmed our cooperation for three years again.”
chairs and desk
Thomas Mehl, CEOBellandVision GmbH
“For us, waste disposal means recycling raw materials with the aim of recycling them totally and closing the cycle. Sustainability is not only a core component of our services, but also an integral part of our corporate vision.

However, sustainable economic activity can only be achieved if CO2 emissions are transparently identified and validated. Only then saving potentials can be identified, planned and implemented in a comprehensive manner.

The DFGE TopDown approach was the best way for us to capture Scope 2 and 3 emissions and holistically address sustainability issues.”

picture of a building
Anja Zeischold, Environment ManagerSITA Deutschland GmbH
“Acting sustainably is part of our business strategy, but communicating that action in a validated and robust way is equally important. The DFGE has helped us translate our energy-saving measures into valid numbers that we can now use in public communications.”
picture of three trash cans
Linda Friederich, Project LeaderGreenCycle GmbH

Textile Industry

“The DFGE helped us to calculate our corporate carbon footprint. The calculation has given us a comprehensive picture of where our emissions come from and which measures will have the most impact.”
Martin Greif, CEOGreif Textile Mietsysteme


„Thanks to the cooperation with the DFGE, we are well positioned for CDP and can focus on achieving the science-based emissions target in the coming years. A successful cooperation!“
picture shwoing hills and a cliff
Michael Goebbels, Director Corporate Responsibility, Strategy & ReportingMETRO AG
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