Two more years: DFGE extends strong partnership with CDP

CDP as a key player in climate reporting and other areas of sustainability Extended Partnership: CDP stands for one of the longest established and largest initiatives for sustainability reporting taking supply chains into account. Launched almost twenty years ago as the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP has successively expanded its collection of climate-related data to include water…


Climate Strategy – Die DFGE Klimastrategie

Eine erfolgreiche Klimastrategie ermöglicht zum einen die Reduktion der Umweltauswirkung eines Unternehmens und zum anderen die Adaption des Unternehmens an die Risiken des Klimawandels. Herausforderung Klimawandel Der sich verschärfende Klimawandel stellt die Unternehmen vermehrt vor Herausforderungen. Nicht nur ändern sich die Anforderungen von Geschäftspartnern und Kunden (z. B. ein gutes Rating bei CDP), auch üben…

Climate Neutral France

France intensifies requirements for “climate neutral” as product designation

In the wake of the increasing impact of climate change, many firms have started to sell their products as “climate neutral”. For companies, this means at first reducing their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and then, fully offsetting the remaining emissions.But different countries have different requirements in this regard. In France, the Law to Combat Climate Change and Strengthen Resilience to its Impacts was passed demands much stricter regulation regarding the advertising of products with the label “climate neutral”. Discover how to market your products in compliance with French regulation.

Climate Action

Climate Action: The Disconnect between Ambition and Impact

Ambition In late 2021, a global survey from Deloitte asked over 2000 CxOs across 21 countries about their motivation to tackle climate change, the ambition of their organizations and the impact of their actions. The survey showed the following results relating to the motivation behind climate action: Approximately two-thirds of executives answered their organizations are…

Net Zero & Climate Neutrality

NET ZERO & CLIMATE NEUTRALITY – Companies are not reaching their goals

More and more companies commit to climate neutrality or net zero by a certain year. Corporates now have climate strategies and targets which are public and which include pledges that appear to significantly reduce, or even eliminate their contributions to global warming. Although, instead of reaching this goal, the corporates will only manage a reduction…


NetZero vs Climate Neutral vs Climate Positive – a clarification of different terms and definitions

During the last couple of years, the number of climate neutral claims for individual products or by entire organizations has risen drastically. Numerous of such claims faced legal complications and government regulations, as seen for instance in France. Companies have gone even further by claiming to become climate positive or carbon negative in the near…

SBTi Obstacles

Setting Science-based Targets – General and industry specific obstacles

for relevant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are calculated on a scientific basis. Companies which aim to participate in the initiative are expected to set an ambitious target for reducing their  GHG emissions which is in line with the 2°C target of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. But setting SBTs is not always an easy task, and many corporations fail at this hurdle.

Climate Strategy

Climate Strategy with the DFGE

Growing pressures from governments, as seen through i.e. the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’ have led to the implementation more holistic and serious climate strategies across businesses. This awareness increase was partially driven by the assessment published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which included scientific evidence on the existence of climate change and established…

CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020

CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020: Transparency to Transformation

In February 2021 CDP has released its newest Global Supply Chain Report for the year 2020. The report is based on data and information submitted in the CDP Supply Chain program and provides meaningful insights regarding the supply chain impacts of environmental actions, such as climate-related emission reduction, water security and deforestation targets. The report…