Science-Based Targets (SBT) Whitepaper

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Today not only legal guidelines but also public attention and stakeholders’ interests regarding ecologic sustainability persuade many companies to prove and improve their environmental impact. This point of view is equally important for suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers as well as for retailers and service providers, since they are all part of the value chain and, thus, responsible for the overall ecological impact of a product, service or industry sector.

Climate change and the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees is the challenge of the 21st century and affects us all. Therefore, it is important that we no longer remain inactive and take countermeasures, e.g. with the help of science-based targets. However, setting science-based targets is far from trivial due to the preliminary work required and the multitude of SBTi requirements and possible calculation approaches and target paths. For example, both the creation of the required carbon footprint and the compilation of an SBTi-compliant target (set) represent complex processes that many companies simply cannot manage due to a lack of know-how or personnel capacities. Therefore, this Whitepaper will guide you and help you to implement SBTs in your business.


At a time when climate-sensitive action is critical not only from an environmental point of view, but also for many stakeholders and shareholders, it pays to commit to an ambitious climate target. To get your free copy, please fill in the form below – then you will receive an email with a link to download the new SBT Whitepaper.

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