SBT points in CDP

Score SBT points in the CDP questionnaire: May deadline

Science Based Targets (SBTs) are reduction targets calculated on a scientific basis to ensure global warming from the pre-industrial era is limited to well below 2°C, ideally 1.5°C. Developing SBTs and committing to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) will allow companies to gain competitive advantages by reducing costs related to CO2 emissions and help score SBT points…

Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Climate Neutrality: Stricter EU rules on consumption and recycling

During a plenary debate in February 2021, the EU Parliament representatives agreed that achieving the goals of the European “Green Deal” will only be possible if the EU moves to a circular economy model and that this change will create new jobs and business opportunities. Furthermore, they stated that mandatory 2030 targets for material consumption…

CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020

CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020: Transparency to Transformation

In February 2021 CDP has released its newest Global Supply Chain Report for the year 2020. The report is based on data and information submitted in the CDP Supply Chain program and provides meaningful insights regarding the supply chain impacts of environmental actions, such as climate-related emission reduction, water security and deforestation targets. The report…

Global Risk Report 2021

Global Risk Report 2021

To achieve its targets and align with the company´s vision and mission it is inevitable for an organization to take potential risks and opportunities into consideration. Since companies´ risks are embedded and in context with worldwide risks, topics which are regarded as worldwide pressing issues are at the same time company risks. Recently, the new Global Risks Report 2021 was published and provides an overview and estimation about the most pressing risks (WEF, 2021). To address current risks and recognize opportunities coming from them, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) serves as a tool which supports companies to identify, assess and respond to climate-related risks and opportunities (CDP, 2021).