CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020

CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020: Transparency to Transformation

In February 2021 CDP has released its newest Global Supply Chain Report for the year 2020. The report is based on data and information submitted in the CDP Supply Chain program and provides meaningful insights regarding the supply chain impacts of environmental actions, such as climate-related emission reduction, water security and deforestation targets. The report…

Global Risk Report 2021

Global Risk Report 2021

To achieve its targets and align with the company´s vision and mission it is inevitable for an organization to take potential risks and opportunities into consideration. Since companies´ risks are embedded and in context with worldwide risks, topics which are regarded as worldwide pressing issues are at the same time company risks. Recently, the new Global Risks Report 2021 was published and provides an overview and estimation about the most pressing risks (WEF, 2021). To address current risks and recognize opportunities coming from them, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) serves as a tool which supports companies to identify, assess and respond to climate-related risks and opportunities (CDP, 2021).

EU Taxonomy

The EU Taxonomy explained

What is the EU Taxonomy? The EU Taxonomy is a framework to facilitate sustainable investment and was established to fulfill the EU´s environmental objectives. It is a regulatory classification tool that helps investors, companies, and financial institutions to define a standardized understanding of which economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable. The overarching goal of the EU…

Drive Sustainability

Drive sustainability: what to expect for the automotive supply chain

Drive sustainability is an automotive partnership which aims to drive sustainability throughout the automotive supply chain by promoting a common approach within the industry and by integrating sustainability in the overall procurement process. If you are an automotive supplier, it is highly likely that you will have to answer to request from them. Drive sustainability: 11 automotive manufacturers with a…

Circular Economy

Circular Economy, Closed Loops and Product Design

In short, Circular Economy (CE) is about creating closed loop material flows keeping products, components and materials at their highest utility and value and use them through multiple lifecycles. It is also about waste prevention, resource efficiency, leakage minimisation and dematerialisation: Raw materials are added for manufacturing and re-manufacturing of products or components already in…

EcoVadis Index 2020

EcoVadis Index 2020

EcoVadis Index 2020 – Gain insights from Global Supply Chain ratings of more than 40,000 companies worldwide The supplier rating platform EcoVadis has published this year´s Sustainability Risk and Performance Index – The EcoVadis Index 2020. It illustrates EcoVadis ratings of over 40,000 companies worldwide which have been rated by the platform between 2015 and…