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DFGE corporate culture and team

dfge cultureYou want to work with us, and would like to know more who we are? Check below our values and corporate culture to discover how we work, and more details about our team of experts.

“Our corporate culture and team are our greatest asset. It makes us unique and ensures that we more than fulfill the needs of our customers – and contribute with our passion for driving sustainability intelligence.”
picture of Dr. Thomas Fleissner
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner, founderDFGE

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DFGE Corporate Culture / Values

  • Customer-oriented. Our passion is to deliver solutions to our customers, and not generate new problems for them. We want to take the work from their table so that they can focus on what matters: driving the sustainability program internally. We love to take up new challenges faced by our clients.
  • We are willing to constantly evolve: new ideas are always welcome, we try to improve our processes and to best meet our customer needs. It is fine to make mistakes and learn from them in such a process.
  • For us, it is key to provide quality results. In this sense, we rely on international standards to carry out our work. In addition, we have various internal quality processes. Finally, we always look at facts and figures, we are not interested in greenwashing.
  • Working at DFGE means being flexible and multitasking. You will deal with clients from various industries, on a wide range of topics, and will switch from one project to another. You must be willing to learn new skills along the way and work on your own improvement areas. We are also working with customers and colleagues from various countries and cultures, so English will be necessary in some cases.
  • Everyone is responsible for their tasks, we believe in self-empowerment and self-responsibility. However, this is only possible by using the internal strengths of the team: you can always ask support from your colleagues and they will help you improve and learn.
  • Finally, we want everyone to have fun at work, in what they are doing, and with the team. We evolve in a family business where you will have nice recreational times with your colleagues.

We rely on teamwork and on the strengths of our team to carry out our work

  • Our team counts members from different countries, speaks several languages including German, English, French, Spanish … and is keen on working with people from other cultures.
  • Dynamic/curious. Our team members are multitask, and love discover new sectors, new customers, new challenges. They like to learn and evolve.