Scope 3 Emissionen

SBTi & Scope 3 Emissions

In addition to yesterdays blogpost on “How to correctly calculate a company´s indirect Scope 3 emissions” the following video by SBTi covers scope 3 emissions abatement targets in the context of the SBTi Net-Zero Standard Criteria, including the background of scope 3 emissions abetment targets and the questions provided in the SBTi Net-Zero Standard Criteria…


How to correctly calculate a company´s indirect Scope 3 emissions

Until recently, companies have focused on estimating their own operational emissions under Scope 1 and 2. But setting emission reduction targets throughout the complete value chain is increasingly becoming a new business norm to mitigate potential risks and highlight a comprehensive approach towards supply chain partners and suppliers for creating beneficial synergies. So not only direct scope 1 from owned or controlled sources, and indirect scope 2 emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling consumed by the reporting company, also all other indirect up- and downstream Scope 3 emissions along the value chain, which present a substantial part of a company´s GHG emissions, gain increasingly more attention from businesses.

ISO / TC 323

ISO Norm for Circular Economy

In light of increased environmental destruction, resource scarcity and increased waste production the concept of circular economy (CE) has gained increasing attention. It is the main goal of CE to re-form the dominant linear value chains into a circular economic system. By applying sustainable product design, closing resource loops, implementing service solutions or circularity along…

Stern Interview Dr. Alice Beining

Die Firmen müssen die Hosen runterlassen

Ein Interview von Dr. Alice Beining mit Nicole Heißmann im Stern. Frau Dr. Beining, Director Projects and Solutions bei der DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy, betreut Unternehmen hinsichtlich ihrer Klimastrategie und welche Schritte sie auf dem Weg zur Klimaneutralität ergreifen müssen. Interview zitiert aus dem Stern, Sonderausgabe “Die Flut” 01/2021: Was…

SBTi Residual Emissions

Emissions Abatement and Residual Emissions with the SBTi

This video covers guiding principles relating to emissions abatement criteria; overviews the emissions abatement target-setting method and criteria as they relate to interim and net-zero science-based targets; and reviews the questions that are available for the SBTi Net-Zero Standard Criteria public consultation. Various approaches for the calculation of science-based targets are available (contraction, compression, convergence).…

Nachhaltigkeitstools im direkten Vergleich

EcoVadis, NQC/ SAQ, Sustainalytics und CDP im Vergleich Unternehmen veröffentlichen in ihren Nachhaltigkeitsberichten, Informationen über ihre Verantwortung und Tätigkeiten für die Umwelt, die eigenen Mitarbeiter sowie die Gesellschaft bis hinein in die eigene Lieferkette. Eine gute Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung schafft Vertrauen bei den Stakeholdern (Kunden, Mitarbeitern, Investoren und der Öffentlichkeit). Jedoch unterscheidet sich die Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung zwischen den…